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This weekend was the best.  My husband finally came home on Friday (PTL) so that meant Saturday was a wife-and-hubs catch up on life kind of day.  We snuggled, ate meals, went for a walk, did our bible study and budget, and just spent time appreciating each other.  He is the greatest human ever!!! I love that man.

THEN, our awesome friends - the LeCounts - came into town.  Luke and Janelle are fabulous people who we wish we could spend a lot more time with.  They love Jesus and love to do fun stuff.  So really, who wouldn't want to spend time with these folks?  You will be hearing more about a genius idea that Janelle gave me on Saturday night, too, so stay tuned.....

To add the fantastic-ness of this past weekend, we had a worship and prayer service at my church last (Sunday) night.  I was blessed to be a part of it (though I didn't know I was going to be playing keys literally for 2 hours straight.  I had to keep playing while all the pastors prayed, and then also with the band.  It was brutal.  My Venti's got cold.)  It was incredible.  So many people were in tears, hands high in the air, praising Jesus and praying to Him earnestly.  It was so beautiful!

Happy Monday!  And if you are in Salem, come stop by the GovCup.  I'll be barista-ing from 1-6 today! :)
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