nice pants.

[pants/top/necklace: H&M]

Wednesdays: Great Harvest bakes gluten free-friendly bread.  Wednesdays are good days.

I am just so thankful it is no longer Tuesday night.  Because this means that I have now officially turned in my first theory exam (which was about 12 pages of papers).  Doesn't sound so bad, right?  Except she only gave us a WEEK to do it.  Ughhhhhhh (first world problems).

Don't mind the awkward first picture by the way. What even is that?  A bow?  I don't know.  I ended up doing my hair differently anyway.  (..... first world problems).

Also, I entered a giveaway for some awesome juicy couture earrings.  You should do the same!

Happy Hump Day.

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