a mini panic moment.

Some of you may not know this, but my husband and I (and our roommate Mike) are small business owners.  We sell raw honey locally, and have been working frivolously to expand our business (and by we I mean Matt and Mike.  Generally I just do my homework and go to bed while they chit-chat about details until 2am).  Well.  Last night I finally created "the Honey Girl blog", which is a blog I will be writing for the website.  I was so excited.  I got myself an email address, set up my blog, was almost all ready to get to designing....

Then I decided I actually wanted to use the same email address I use for this blog, so I went to "delete account entirely".  Well guess what.  I was actually logged in to this account.  I disabled my log-in completely.  They tell you there are 90 days before your blog will disappear.  

I was hysterical.  I told Matt "Don't.... even say anything right now" and was in tears.  Tears people.  At one point he asked me, "What do you love more, me or your blog?"  And if he has to ask.... that's not a good thing. 

He also asked me, "Is this more of a catastrophe than the one time you couldn't figure out what to wear?"  I know.  I have some serious catastrophes in my life people.

Well aaaaanyway, magically it started working again and I was all smiles.  And now I have the very beginnings of my honey girl blog up and running, and I am so excited.

Blah blah blah blah.  Here's what I was really going to post about.  
I found this adorable to-do list in pictures from Kylee Noelle's blog.  

I'm going to take them all in instagram photos, so if you'd like to see them there instead of here you can follow me there! @nglarson is the username.

Happy Friday!

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