may or may-not monday

But first..... days 5 and 6!

day 5 -10am

This was taken a few minutes before 10 am, because, at 10 am, I am standing behind that keyboard and both hands are kinda busy.
day 6 - dinner

Just to clarify: this is remnants of dinner, which Matt and I both prepared for our community group tonight.  I just happened to sneak a couple of my gluten free corn-bread pieces home, and drizzle them with incredibly delicious raw, marionberry honey.  Yum.

May or may-not Monday... where you can divulge in life's mishaps without feeling like a failure.

I may or may-not have the coolest and also the craziest piano teacher ever.  He is old-ish, French, and a piano genius.  His passive aggressiveness is extremely intimidating, so is the fact that whenever he demonstrates how I'm playing  asong wrong, he sits down and starts playing my song for memory flaw-less-ly.  Thanks for making me feel inadequate - also, do you think I want to touch the keys again after that ridiculousness?  I mean really.  You played it perfectly.  We could just sit here and listen to you instead of me. 
But what I really want to write about is his freakishly loud manner of entering an office.  Pretty much every lesson, he says "Keep playing that - I'll be right back", and who even knows where he goes.  To get tea?  But every dang time he walks back into the room (and you should know that the piano is literally right next to the door handle.  I mean my face is inches from this door people) he comes BUSTING in so loud that I nearly pee myself.  My hands go flying up in the air (and God only knows what kind of face I am making in these few nano-seconds) and then I have to try and recover to look like I'm "still practicing".  No, professor, the giant hand-flailing movement is actually just for effect - I was playing with extreme emotion.  Emotion of utter and complete scared-ness, and by the way yes I did just wet myself.  Your piano bench now smells like pee.  You're welcome.  Try entering like a normal human being and we won't have this problem.

I may or may-not have eaten chili, a melted bowl of peanut butter nutella, and 5 bowls of honey nut cheerio's for dinner the other night (this was before my no sugar kick. by the way.)  And then about two hours later, I went for round 2 and had another couple bowls of cheerios.  They don't call 'em America's Favorite Cereal for nothin'.  

I may or may-not have pretended to feel insanely sophisticated the other night as I drove up to Portland to go out to dinner with my husband before attending, wait for it, the opera.  I know, sophisticated right? That's not the best part.  I listened to "French Cafe" Pandora the whole way up.  The 3/4 accordian music is seriously enlightening.  Makes me feel like I'm 30.  And then I had wine and cheese and went to the opera.  Oh man.

I may or may-not have this weird problem.  You know how I bought those fake glasses and I wear them like every day?  Yeah, well, I'm still not really used to them.  So not only do I catch myself taking them OFF so that I can read something better (which is completely embarrassing), but I often times get confused and think I am wearing sunglasses.  You know how when you're wearing sunglasses, you stare at people?  Because I mean... they don't know.  You're wearing sunglasses.  You do it when you're driving, walking... anything really.  Well just in case you didn't know, non-tinted glasses of the fake-variety do NOT have that effect, and it is SERIOUSLY awkward to walk past somebody with a FULL STARE going on, only to realize that they totally know you are staring at them.  Awk. Ward. 

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