marriage, part 2

I just found this on Matt's computer.  

This video was shot in April of 2011 (judging by the 4 month comment I made).  I love this video because it's so real.  Everything about it.  The fact that he's eating cereal and I'm eating fruit salad for dinner.  The fact that marriage is tough but in the end, you're still hanging out with your best friend.  The fact that he admits that he's a butt head, and I admit I'm not the fairest fighter.  I love this man more than I could tell you with the English language (or any language). 

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  1. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I love that you both can admit your faults and be so cute together even though you had just been fighting. I think how you handle conflict is key to a healthy relationship and it sounds like you two have some good skills in that area :). Marriage is hard, but worth the effort! Thanks for keepin' it real.