a marathon ahead.

[jeans: j.crew, sweater: joe fresh Canada, necklace: gift (a real aspen leaf from Buena Vista Colorado - absolute favorite necklace), glasses: F21]

D'habitude, Mercredi (s) are my short days.  I get out of class at 1, relax for about 8 hours, and don't have any homework due on Thursdays.  Today however, my leisurely schedule is getting interrupted by some truly awesome events.

First, there's French tutoring.  This is a particularly exciting bump in my schedule, because it turns out that taking French 132 without French 131 is actually kind of difficult.  Especially when you're enthusiastic 60-year old French professor speaks not a WORD of English the entire class.  So hopefully today, 3 weeks of learning is all going to come together.

Then there's the Career Center.  One of our assignments in Anthro Theory is to make a resume.... like an actual resume, not just the kind you throw together when applying at your local Starbucks..... and I get to review it today with those professional people who do resume-related-activities for a living.  "Yes, I did list 'Varsity snowboarder' and 'fashion blogger' on my resume - don't you think it makes me look interesting, sir?"  

As if these little extras weren't enough, tonight me and hubs get to go to the Portland Opera together.  I couldn't be more excited.  I LOVE opera (dork alert = going off with rapid speed currently, I know).  I don't even have a clue what this opera is about.  Chances are it will be super long, super slow moving, and incredibly wonderful.  Don't ask.  I just love it.

As for now, a soy London Fog @ the best coffee shop in town - Governor's Cup Coffee Roasters.  

Have a great Wednesday!
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  1. Yay for going to see Madame Butterfly! I believe you will indeed love it! Puccini is one of my favorites... the music is glorious. Have way fun!