It's that Valentine's Day thing.

[blouse: j.crew, bracelet/watch/headband/earrings: nordstrom's]

Take it from me Tuesdays... the sometimes serious and sometimes not-so-serious advice from Mrs. Natalie Larson.

Take it from me, do not lie to your bloggers.  (Blushes sheepishly).  I told you all my May or May-Not's would be coming, and guess what.  They never did.  Many apologies.  

I do have some exiting news though..... First and foremost, I got an 85 on my French exam.  This is a mini-miracle people, because I did not take the first semester of French so I have been going to tutoring like WHOA, trying to get this French thing figured out.  

Secondly, I will not be doing may or may-not Monday anymore.  But don't fret yet, because something even more exciting is on the horizon....

Stealing the idea (along with every other fashion blogger of my same approximate age...) from The Daybook, I present you with "Awkward and Awesome Thursdays".  So be on the lookout for the things that are awkward in my life (which is a lot of things) and things that are awesome (which is some things).  

And alas... it is Valentine's Day.  Guess whose Valentine is not in town.  This girl's.  
But guess who's Valentine is the best ever?  This girl's.  
Last night's phone conversation with hubs:

Matt: So, there will probably be a package coming in the mail tomorrow...... 
Me: Okay sweet.  Hopefully it won't be like the other night when packages came.
[Look at this ridiculousness.]
Matt: Iit'll be addressed to me but I mean you can go ahead and open it if you want.
Me: [extremely excited]

AND a video from my sweetheart from across the country!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!
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  1. Cute accessories! I love your headband! :)

    And congratulations on acing your French exam! Good grades are always an instant mood booster.

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    P.S. You should enter my Juicy Couture earrings giveaway!