[top: Debussy, the quad, and a soy chai --> preparing for statistics with an americano.
bottom: date night at bluehour in Portland with hubs --> favorite practice room overlooking a beautiful, sunny, salem day]

So, I should inform you blog-readers of my substitute idea which will be replacing the overused new-year's-resolution-idea.  As you may remember, instead of making health, fitness, or accomplishment resolutions, I made resolutions that have to do with my character - particularly my marriage.  A quick refresher....

1) Use positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement.

2) Assume value and reserve judgment.  

Now.  Just because I neglected to make goals concerning weight, diet, exercise, or whatever else is on the top 10 new year's resolutions list, doesn't mean I didn't think about them, or haven't been secretly trying to do them...

But because I believe that new year's resolutions are generally unattainable and don't last (whoa, Negative Nancy over here), I have decided to do something else.  Friends, I am pleased to introduce you to my new friend and life plan: The New Month's Resolution.

Pretty straight forward.  Each month, I am going to choose one goal to add to my over-arching goals of assuming value and reinforcing with positivity. Each month I will dedicate myself to bettering one aspect of myself instead of attacking all areas at once (which is kind of over-load for a little brain like mine).

This month, the lovely month of févriér, I will be eating NO SWEETS.  
Yup.  You read that right.  And you get to help me stay accountable.  If I eat sweets, I will have the embarrassing task of writing about it in my May or May-Not Mondays.

Okay that's not entirely true.  I will be eating sweets on Superbowl Sunday.  And also Valentine's Day.  And maybe on Saturdays or Sundays, but that is it.  

I chose this New Month's Resolution because I eat a giant bowl (sometimes 2 giant bowls) of melted peanut butter and nutella on a daily basis.  And if I don't get my nutellabutter fix, I go after a Snickers or Reeses to make up for it.  Or just spoonfuls of nutella.  Basically, I have a slight obsession with nutella.

And then there's the chai's, the hot chocolates, the gluten-free cookies, the tiny chocolates from the music office at school..... okay you get the point.

With all that said.... let the New Month's Resolution begin.
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