Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!!

The debut of my re-vamped May or May-Not Monday's...... Awkward and Awesome Thursday has arrived!!!

The old man who lives on the corner of our street, outside with his leaf blower pointed at his tree that had one measly leaf left.  This guys clearly did not want to be blowing leaves off his lawn.  He really got after it.

Going to the bathroom.  Not so awkward when you have a bathroom door that closes all the way.... but particularly awkward when your bathroom door either has to stay open a crack, or you get locked inside.  Still not that awkward, unless you factor in sharing your house with a male roommate.... and your husband is out of town..... then it's awkward.  Do I not close the door and shower him with my pee-song, or get trapped inside and have to ask him to come and get me out after I'm through?  TMI?  It's awkward after all...

Coming home for lunch, getting really excited about all the mini-potatoes you boiled the night before, and being sooo excited that you forget to warm them up.  Biting into a cold potato = kind of gross.  But not as bad as the time I made an entire potato salad without boiling the potatoes.  You should have seen my best friend Natalie's face as I bit into a rock hard potato slice, made a "what the?!" face, and spit it back out, mayonnaise, onions and all.

Opening the door to a mail-lady from UPS who stated "I'm here for a pickup".  Not only was I flustered because Matt hadn't exactly left me directions, plus the box to be returned wasn't taped, plus the stuff inside wasn't fitting in the box....... all of that was awkward in and of itself..... but when I opened the front door, there was an old dirty sock on our door handle.  What the heck?  Who puts a dirty sock on one's door handle?  Seriously.  

A Starbuck's barista's face as I asked him for another cup after he so rudely wrote my name allllll up on the Valentine's heart cup.  "I'm sorry, it's just..... really the only reason I came in today [It was Valentine's Day, btw...] was for that cup, and, now the writing has kind of ruined it."  I'm pretty sure he gave me a solid 5 second death stare.  And then proceeded to just hand me another cup, which I was satisfied with. :)

Most of the other awesome events of my life this week have to do with school.  First, I got an 85% on my French Exam, as I mentioned in a previous post.  It's a miracle, just trust me.

I turned in my first anthro theory exam yesterday.  MILESTONE!!!!!  It feel so good to be done with that thing.  Peace, Durkheim, Marx, Spencer, Weber, and Wallace!!!!!!!  Until we meet again....

It is 9:12am and I am already done with my stats exam (and home from it) which was at 8'o'stinkin'clock this morning.  That open-note, open-book, and open-exam-review statistics exam was quite possibly the easiest math exam I have ever taken in my life.  PTL. 

Like that non-edited laziness??? :)  These are actually from Valentine's Day after I changed into some serious pink.  I even had pink boat shoes. :)

Have a great Thursday friends!

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