Oh my gosh friends!!

I just realized that yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary of the creation of this blog.  Woohoo!  Another milestone!!

In honor of the big day, I am going to do my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!!!  
As some of you may know, my husband and I run our own little honey business.  You can check it out here.  
Our new labels for our honey are literally going to be done printing today and I am so excited.  We will be selling our honey on the shelf at Governor's Cup Coffee (with our own labels), and it also sells at Willamette Valley Fruit Company (under private labeling).  We are hoping to get into many more food stores across the Pacific North West.

It will be an 18oz jar ($7 value)

Here are the rules for the giveaway:
1) You must live in the Northwest (i.e. Oregon/Washington).  Sorry to all you non-Pacific North-Westerners (although.... I actually don't know if there are any of you!)
2) Follow my blog !
3) Follow my honey girl blog
4) Leave me a comment with your email address and the reason you want some raw honey!! (If you aren't familiar with the benefits of raw honey, you can read about it over here!)

For Extra Entries:
1) Follow me on bloglovin'
3) Post this in your FB feed: "Hoping to win some local raw honey from http://mylocalnw.com!  Check it out at http://natalieglarson.com!"  (If you know how, link the honey website and also my blog site). 

Good luck!  Winner will be announced a week from today, so check back to see if you've won a free 18-oz jar of raw honey!!!  (Shipping cost will be included, so all is free to you!)
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Happy hump day!!

[boots: madden girl  // socks: husband's // tights & dress: nordstrom's // boyfriend button-up: j.crew // hat: h&m // eye shadow: mac]

So, I can't believe how many comments I got on this outfit, because, you know those days when you're thinking "Ughhhh what the heck.  Why don't I have any bottoms to wear.  And why haven't I invested in some spunky yet fashionable black top?  Why aren't any of my jeans working with this?"  In hindsight, these questions are all ridiculous, because one certainly could not count the pairs of jeans/skirts I have on one two hands.  Anyway. That was me today.  And this was the outcome.  But hey, it isn't called "urban anthropology" for nothin', folks.  Let's just say I was really after that great PNW look today (and of course it was 44 degrees and raining sideways all friggin' day.  Coooold legs.)

On an entirely different note.....
I got the most flattering email today from my anthropological theory professor.  She has recommended me to be a consultant for the writing center at my school!!  I was flabbergasted.   On top of this, she also asked me to be her peer consultant for her music themed anthropology colloquium class in the fall (which is a fancy way of saying she wants me to be the writing center consultant that works personally with all the freshman that will be in her ethnomusicology class - i.e. meeting with them 3x throughout the semester and helping them write their first college papers).  I've been so giddy about the opportunity all night, because in high school I was thee worst paper writer.  And I mean the worst.  Like really bad.  So this is a milestone, people.  A large, fatty milestone.

Lastly, check out this delicious kale-strawberry-shaved almond-onion--rasperry vinagerette salad.  Booyah.  Thanks mom and dad for tipping us off on the health benefits and deliciousness of kale (I made Matt massage it, by the way.  He was not happy.)

[Nevermind the popcorn I ate around 10pm..... that dish didn't quite make the picture-on-the-blog-cut.... for understandable reasons....]

Have a happy, humpy day.
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Valentine's Day Trip. And marriage, part 3.

gluten free AND dairy free AND egg free suncake.  Yeah.... amazing.

My husband is so great.  Not only did he have flowers mailed to me on V-day (for way too expensive.  Seriously, is it even legal to charge that much in shipping?), but he planned a surprise-trip for us that we enjoyed over the weekend.  We had dinner at Roots near Vancouver, WA, drove to Tacoma listening to the new Fun. album, stayed in a hotel, and spent literally 3 hours at this perfect little cafe in Old Town (downtown Tacoma).  It was so relaxing, and just what I needed before these next two weeks. With a talent show to perform in, 3 showings of an opera to perform in, 3 exams and rehearsals coming out my ears.... I needed some relaxation time.  Bring it on, week 6 and 7.  You are gonna be a B.  But after it's all over, I will have my life back, so it's okay.  I forgive you in advance for kicking my rear end.  Oh, and please let me get through you without dying of anxiety.  Sincerely, Brave Student.
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pardon me!

Pardon the super late-night post.  I don't know if you've figured out my Mondays yet.... but they are in. sane.  
School from 9-1, work from 1-6, and community group 6:30-whenever.  And tonight we went bowling.  It was awesome.

Generally, my Monday outfits consist of black, and things that I don't care if they smell like coffee for the rest of my life.  That said... voila.

[skirt/hat: h&m, tshirt: gilgamesh, blouse/watch/nailpolish: Nordstrom's, bangals: F21, eyeshadow: mac]

The post about our how-to-keep-your-marriage-alive ideas will have to wait until another day.  Mostly because I haven't taken any pictures of Matt in his new "idea". :D

ALSO, if you are interested to know what I eat on a daily basis, I'm talking about it over here today!
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marriage, part 2

I just found this on Matt's computer.  

This video was shot in April of 2011 (judging by the 4 month comment I made).  I love this video because it's so real.  Everything about it.  The fact that he's eating cereal and I'm eating fruit salad for dinner.  The fact that marriage is tough but in the end, you're still hanging out with your best friend.  The fact that he admits that he's a butt head, and I admit I'm not the fairest fighter.  I love this man more than I could tell you with the English language (or any language). 

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Our first Valentine's Day together EVER!!!!! (yes... it was after we were married.  We met, were engaged, and married within 6 months).

One happy girl.  Matt had flowers mailed to me on V-Day.  

And I had literally planted tulips in the garden THAT DAY.  He knows me too well.

Our 2nd Valentine's Day.  In Matt's words, "The Valentine's Day that Never Ends..."  A week and a half after the day, we went to Portland for a nice dinner and spent the night in Tacoma.

This one time, Matt and I went on a hike in Eastern-ish Oregon.  It was the end of June, 2010.  We had started dating on June 3rd, 2010.  He took me on a trip (as he still does a lot of to this day) to his cabin at Diamond Lake.  I was so excited, so nervous, and so ... in a daze ... the entire time.  Am I really going to Eastern Oregon with this practical stranger?  Are we seriously going to stay in a cabin alone?  Who even is this guy?  were just some of my questions.  

Well, it all turned out marvelously.  The cabin has like 10 beds, and we slept at complete opposites ends of a room, we watched the moon rise (yes, the moon) one night on a dock (it was seriously one of the most beautiful things I've ever witnessed), had a 2-person dance party, and worshiped Jesus for like 2x through Hillsong United's entire album.  Towards the end of the second time through, both of our hands in the air, Matt turned to me with a giant grin and said, for the first time, "Natalie, I LOVE you!!!!!"  It was a perfect moment, and it happened in such a perfect way.

Anyway, mushy stuff aside.....

We went on this hike.  Matt decided it would be fun to go off-trail hiking.  I agreed.  I liked adventure  (but I especially liked him).

It was basically a complete failure.  On the way back to the car (which we had parked in the middle of this nowhere-foresty-area), he asked me which way I thought it was.  "To the left!" I said, sure of myself.  "I can hear that creek that we parked by.  It sounds like it's over to the left."  Matt was 99% positive our car was to the right, but he followed and trusted me anyway.  It made me feel important, it made me feel like he trusted me.  

The car was definitely not to the left.

After walking with no success of car-in-sight, Matt said, "I thiiiink it might be the other way...".  There was no, "Yeah I knew you were wrong.  It's the other way.  I actually knew that all along."  No jesting remarks to bring me down, but rather a gentle suggestion that maybe it was the other way?  He ended up being right, but because he had approached the situation so kindly, I apologized without any resentment and was able to say, "you're right."  

.... Which reminds me.  Our marriage counselors taught us the importance of saying "You're right, I'm wrong, and I'm sorry" and made us practice saying it to each other in our sessions.  Very smart and practical exercise.  I use it to this day.  

Well the hiking story is only half of my marriage-schpeel.  

Just this morning, I went to grab my new worship CD out of Matt's car.  He was out of town all last week, so I had been driving his car all around.  He has a 6-CD exchanger... thing.  So I went to go eject it and Matt was loading up the car.  He said, "I think it's in slot 2."  I was 99% sure it was in slot 3.  Regardless, I tried slot 2 first because I trust him and didn't want to discredit his suggestion.  Like I thought, one of his own CDs popped out of slot 2.  He had gone back inside, and I quietly slipped it into its case in the car, and ejected my own from... yup.... slot 3.  Instead of telling him "Yeah it was in slot 3, ya big dork."  I just was happy to have my CD.  I kissed him goodbye for the day and got in my car, excited to listen to the music.

These might seem like little examples, but it's our attitude and trust towards our spouse that can make the difference for an entire day, and an entire lifetime.  My goal is to lift Matt up, not tear him down.  And if we practice love in the little things, it will be easier to love through the hard big things.

Yesterday morning for our Bible study, Matt and I made a list of ways to keep our marriage fresh.  I can't wait to share some of them with you on Monday, along with pictures of their great success!!!  

Happy Weekend!
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awkward and awesome thursday!

[Pants: H&M, top: J.Crew, headband: Gift (Thanks Celia!), glasses: F21]

The same post lady coming back 2 more times trying to pick up the package that was already picked up. I'm sorry, post lady, I just don't have anything to give you....

And I'm not kidding, the MALE post man who came to pick up this mysterious package.  What.  The.  Heck.  Cancel the order already!

My sweet husband's GIANT fart that he let out silently after Worship and Prayer Night at our church on Sunday.  As I'm having a conversation with our sound guy, I suddenly realize it REEKS.  All I could think was, "Please don't think that it's me.  I swear it's not me.  But is it you????"  And then after we left, Matt came clean.  Seriously, that could have ruined my reputation.

Walking, sneezing, and hiccuping all at the same time.  It's just awkward.

Nannying the cutest 2 boys ever.  Oh, and their awesome new "bee mobile", which is just a little bee on black wheels that they ride around.  But I just can't get over how cute it is.  And you know.... I'm totally not biased towards bees or anything.....

Wearing my giant, fuzzy, fleece-blanket-esque sweatshirt to school.  Yup.  Suuuuuper classy.  And I just couldn't get the Westside Story "I Feel Pretty" song out of my head!  Except it was more like.. "I feel fuzzy, oh so fuzzy, I feel fuzzy, and wuzzy, and waaaarm!"

Worship and Prayer Night at Outward.  It was incredible.  People were so moved by the Holy Spirit and it was just such an honor to be a part of the service.  

Matt and I are off to Tacoma tonight (and Portland on the way for a Valentine's Date Dinner... finally!).  I'm so excited to spend some time with the man of my dreams.  
See you all on Monday! (and maybe tomorrow if you're lucky... :D)
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throw it up.

Today.... on an effort scale from 1-10.... I'd say I put in about a 3 on my outfit.  It was just that kind of day. 
However, I DID get all my homework done for Friday.  And Saturday.  I am so ready for this Valentine's Day Trip my husband has planned for us!!  We are taking off tomorrow and headin' up North for some time together and some hotel-in.  
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too funky for Salem.

[Coat: Gap, Skirt: F21, shirt:H&M]

Salem isn't really the place you want to go if you are into fashion.  Regardless, I like to take risks. :)
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[skirt/shirt: h&m, shoes: danskos, glasses: F21, necklace: aspen leaf from Buena Vista CO]

This weekend was the best.  My husband finally came home on Friday (PTL) so that meant Saturday was a wife-and-hubs catch up on life kind of day.  We snuggled, ate meals, went for a walk, did our bible study and budget, and just spent time appreciating each other.  He is the greatest human ever!!! I love that man.

THEN, our awesome friends - the LeCounts - came into town.  Luke and Janelle are fabulous people who we wish we could spend a lot more time with.  They love Jesus and love to do fun stuff.  So really, who wouldn't want to spend time with these folks?  You will be hearing more about a genius idea that Janelle gave me on Saturday night, too, so stay tuned.....

To add the fantastic-ness of this past weekend, we had a worship and prayer service at my church last (Sunday) night.  I was blessed to be a part of it (though I didn't know I was going to be playing keys literally for 2 hours straight.  I had to keep playing while all the pastors prayed, and then also with the band.  It was brutal.  My Venti's got cold.)  It was incredible.  So many people were in tears, hands high in the air, praising Jesus and praying to Him earnestly.  It was so beautiful!

Happy Monday!  And if you are in Salem, come stop by the GovCup.  I'll be barista-ing from 1-6 today! :)
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Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!!

The debut of my re-vamped May or May-Not Monday's...... Awkward and Awesome Thursday has arrived!!!

The old man who lives on the corner of our street, outside with his leaf blower pointed at his tree that had one measly leaf left.  This guys clearly did not want to be blowing leaves off his lawn.  He really got after it.

Going to the bathroom.  Not so awkward when you have a bathroom door that closes all the way.... but particularly awkward when your bathroom door either has to stay open a crack, or you get locked inside.  Still not that awkward, unless you factor in sharing your house with a male roommate.... and your husband is out of town..... then it's awkward.  Do I not close the door and shower him with my pee-song, or get trapped inside and have to ask him to come and get me out after I'm through?  TMI?  It's awkward after all...

Coming home for lunch, getting really excited about all the mini-potatoes you boiled the night before, and being sooo excited that you forget to warm them up.  Biting into a cold potato = kind of gross.  But not as bad as the time I made an entire potato salad without boiling the potatoes.  You should have seen my best friend Natalie's face as I bit into a rock hard potato slice, made a "what the?!" face, and spit it back out, mayonnaise, onions and all.

Opening the door to a mail-lady from UPS who stated "I'm here for a pickup".  Not only was I flustered because Matt hadn't exactly left me directions, plus the box to be returned wasn't taped, plus the stuff inside wasn't fitting in the box....... all of that was awkward in and of itself..... but when I opened the front door, there was an old dirty sock on our door handle.  What the heck?  Who puts a dirty sock on one's door handle?  Seriously.  

A Starbuck's barista's face as I asked him for another cup after he so rudely wrote my name allllll up on the Valentine's heart cup.  "I'm sorry, it's just..... really the only reason I came in today [It was Valentine's Day, btw...] was for that cup, and, now the writing has kind of ruined it."  I'm pretty sure he gave me a solid 5 second death stare.  And then proceeded to just hand me another cup, which I was satisfied with. :)

Most of the other awesome events of my life this week have to do with school.  First, I got an 85% on my French Exam, as I mentioned in a previous post.  It's a miracle, just trust me.

I turned in my first anthro theory exam yesterday.  MILESTONE!!!!!  It feel so good to be done with that thing.  Peace, Durkheim, Marx, Spencer, Weber, and Wallace!!!!!!!  Until we meet again....

It is 9:12am and I am already done with my stats exam (and home from it) which was at 8'o'stinkin'clock this morning.  That open-note, open-book, and open-exam-review statistics exam was quite possibly the easiest math exam I have ever taken in my life.  PTL. 

Like that non-edited laziness??? :)  These are actually from Valentine's Day after I changed into some serious pink.  I even had pink boat shoes. :)

Have a great Thursday friends!

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nice pants.

[pants/top/necklace: H&M]

Wednesdays: Great Harvest bakes gluten free-friendly bread.  Wednesdays are good days.

I am just so thankful it is no longer Tuesday night.  Because this means that I have now officially turned in my first theory exam (which was about 12 pages of papers).  Doesn't sound so bad, right?  Except she only gave us a WEEK to do it.  Ughhhhhhh (first world problems).

Don't mind the awkward first picture by the way. What even is that?  A bow?  I don't know.  I ended up doing my hair differently anyway.  (..... first world problems).

Also, I entered a giveaway for some awesome juicy couture earrings.  You should do the same!

Happy Hump Day.

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It's that Valentine's Day thing.

[blouse: j.crew, bracelet/watch/headband/earrings: nordstrom's]

Take it from me Tuesdays... the sometimes serious and sometimes not-so-serious advice from Mrs. Natalie Larson.

Take it from me, do not lie to your bloggers.  (Blushes sheepishly).  I told you all my May or May-Not's would be coming, and guess what.  They never did.  Many apologies.  

I do have some exiting news though..... First and foremost, I got an 85 on my French exam.  This is a mini-miracle people, because I did not take the first semester of French so I have been going to tutoring like WHOA, trying to get this French thing figured out.  

Secondly, I will not be doing may or may-not Monday anymore.  But don't fret yet, because something even more exciting is on the horizon....

Stealing the idea (along with every other fashion blogger of my same approximate age...) from The Daybook, I present you with "Awkward and Awesome Thursdays".  So be on the lookout for the things that are awkward in my life (which is a lot of things) and things that are awesome (which is some things).  

And alas... it is Valentine's Day.  Guess whose Valentine is not in town.  This girl's.  
But guess who's Valentine is the best ever?  This girl's.  
Last night's phone conversation with hubs:

Matt: So, there will probably be a package coming in the mail tomorrow...... 
Me: Okay sweet.  Hopefully it won't be like the other night when packages came.
[Look at this ridiculousness.]
Matt: Iit'll be addressed to me but I mean you can go ahead and open it if you want.
Me: [extremely excited]

AND a video from my sweetheart from across the country!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!
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may or may-not monday

May or may-not Monday will be coming later!

[boots: Madden Girl, dress: Target, blouse/glasses: F21]

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sometimes a t-shirt is enough.

[t: gilgamesh brewing c/o, jeans: zumiez, eye makeup: mac, lipgloss: VS]

Well, I think the French exam went well.  You know how you can feel whether or not you did well, due to your understanding of the Q's (or lack thereof)?  I think I'm going to pass.  Which is really all I care about at this point.  

Also, a French exam + nannying on a Friday afternoon + Govcup show tonight (and we serve Gilgamesh... brewed with our very own coffee roasted especially for them!) = this tshirt today.  A t-shirt and messy hair can be more outfit-ish than one might think.  
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when life catches up.

I'm sure you can all relate.   But these last few days have been absurd.  Illegally busy.  Actually, the last two weeks have been basically a constant stream of busy-ness.  My husband and I spent over an hour tonight just laying around catching up because we haven't seen each other for more than a few minutes as of late, and he's going on another trip soon.  All I can hear in my head are those fateful song lyrics, "Father time steals our days like a thief...."

So please excuse the blogging absence while I get my life back on track and try to take my French exam tomorrow morning (and if you think of it, pray.  Hard.  I seriously do not speak this language.)  Oh and never mind the 12 pages of exam-hot-mess-ness that I have due on Wednesday for Anthropological Theory.  Or the Statistics exam that is haunting my dreams that I will come face to face with on Thursday morning at 8am.....
Or you know.  All the other homework I have to turn in in between.  

But who am I to complain?  I come home to a warm bed, a stocked fridge, and a summer time of freeness that I can almost SMELL (but not quite because you know.  it's still February).  Somehow - in the midst of what feels like the apocolypse: homework edition - I am so grateful and so peaceful.  Le sigh.  
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Some frizz and some frenzy. And some green.

Today my piano lesson was cancelled.  After all that huff and story telling about him entering the room with force (see yesterday's post), he was sick today.  I was so excited to get my iPhone out when he left and start videoing myself so that when he came back I could catch my face on tape.  Not happening today though.  Maybe Thursday.

The frenzy: Well, the not so frenzy part is that I got an extra hour this morning that I don't usually have.  Hence an early blog post!  Hurray!  On a more frenzy-ish note, we had review this morning for our EXAM in Statistics that is next week.  Yuuuuck.  It was, to put it lightly, discouraging.  Oh, and the review in French class yesterday for our EXAM that is on Friday.  Even more discouraging. 

The Frizz:  My hair.  This is what happens when I fall asleep with a giant wet-shower-bun-of-hair on top of my head.  But it kind of works.

The Green:  My scarf AND my shirt.  Whatever.  I got ready in about 25 minutes this morning.  Including my new Mary Kay makeup.  And I never wear makeup.

[shirt/tights: target, scarf: gap, boots: Madden Girl, skirt: Nordstorm's, socks: husband's, glasses: F21]

Take it from me Tuesday:  The sometimes serious and sometimes not-so-serious advice from Mrs. Natalie Larson:

Take it from me, a 2,000 mg vitamin D and a calcium chewy every day makes for one happy person.  And sometimes some monkey faces (see above photos....)

Have a great Tuesday!!!
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may or may-not monday

But first..... days 5 and 6!

day 5 -10am

This was taken a few minutes before 10 am, because, at 10 am, I am standing behind that keyboard and both hands are kinda busy.
day 6 - dinner

Just to clarify: this is remnants of dinner, which Matt and I both prepared for our community group tonight.  I just happened to sneak a couple of my gluten free corn-bread pieces home, and drizzle them with incredibly delicious raw, marionberry honey.  Yum.

May or may-not Monday... where you can divulge in life's mishaps without feeling like a failure.

I may or may-not have the coolest and also the craziest piano teacher ever.  He is old-ish, French, and a piano genius.  His passive aggressiveness is extremely intimidating, so is the fact that whenever he demonstrates how I'm playing  asong wrong, he sits down and starts playing my song for memory flaw-less-ly.  Thanks for making me feel inadequate - also, do you think I want to touch the keys again after that ridiculousness?  I mean really.  You played it perfectly.  We could just sit here and listen to you instead of me. 
But what I really want to write about is his freakishly loud manner of entering an office.  Pretty much every lesson, he says "Keep playing that - I'll be right back", and who even knows where he goes.  To get tea?  But every dang time he walks back into the room (and you should know that the piano is literally right next to the door handle.  I mean my face is inches from this door people) he comes BUSTING in so loud that I nearly pee myself.  My hands go flying up in the air (and God only knows what kind of face I am making in these few nano-seconds) and then I have to try and recover to look like I'm "still practicing".  No, professor, the giant hand-flailing movement is actually just for effect - I was playing with extreme emotion.  Emotion of utter and complete scared-ness, and by the way yes I did just wet myself.  Your piano bench now smells like pee.  You're welcome.  Try entering like a normal human being and we won't have this problem.

I may or may-not have eaten chili, a melted bowl of peanut butter nutella, and 5 bowls of honey nut cheerio's for dinner the other night (this was before my no sugar kick. by the way.)  And then about two hours later, I went for round 2 and had another couple bowls of cheerios.  They don't call 'em America's Favorite Cereal for nothin'.  

I may or may-not have pretended to feel insanely sophisticated the other night as I drove up to Portland to go out to dinner with my husband before attending, wait for it, the opera.  I know, sophisticated right? That's not the best part.  I listened to "French Cafe" Pandora the whole way up.  The 3/4 accordian music is seriously enlightening.  Makes me feel like I'm 30.  And then I had wine and cheese and went to the opera.  Oh man.

I may or may-not have this weird problem.  You know how I bought those fake glasses and I wear them like every day?  Yeah, well, I'm still not really used to them.  So not only do I catch myself taking them OFF so that I can read something better (which is completely embarrassing), but I often times get confused and think I am wearing sunglasses.  You know how when you're wearing sunglasses, you stare at people?  Because I mean... they don't know.  You're wearing sunglasses.  You do it when you're driving, walking... anything really.  Well just in case you didn't know, non-tinted glasses of the fake-variety do NOT have that effect, and it is SERIOUSLY awkward to walk past somebody with a FULL STARE going on, only to realize that they totally know you are staring at them.  Awk. Ward. 

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day 4 - a stranger/hints of a superbowl

Whoever this girl is, she was very sweet.  

And a little taste of what's to come... pictures from our superbowl party!
Even though the Packers were NOT in the Superbowl... I had to show my support.  Go Pack.

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Happy Saturday everyone.  Hope you're enjoying it as much as I am - painting the kitchen, homeworking, playing keys at church... but best of all.... the sun was out all day.  Basically my whole life just improved ten fold.

If you didn't know, Matt and I sell raw honey.  Raw honey has SO MANY BENEFITS you wouldn't even believe it.  So I'm giving you a couple of links to check it out.  You can even order it online from our website, and we'll deliever it to pretty much anywhere in Oregon and Washington.  


check out my other blog:

Have a great rest of your weekend!
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from "nanny natalie" adventures today, Bush park.
This is Ewan.  He is the best.
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a mini panic moment.

Some of you may not know this, but my husband and I (and our roommate Mike) are small business owners.  We sell raw honey locally, and have been working frivolously to expand our business (and by we I mean Matt and Mike.  Generally I just do my homework and go to bed while they chit-chat about details until 2am).  Well.  Last night I finally created "the Honey Girl blog", which is a blog I will be writing for the website.  I was so excited.  I got myself an email address, set up my blog, was almost all ready to get to designing....

Then I decided I actually wanted to use the same email address I use for this blog, so I went to "delete account entirely".  Well guess what.  I was actually logged in to this account.  I disabled my log-in completely.  They tell you there are 90 days before your blog will disappear.  

I was hysterical.  I told Matt "Don't.... even say anything right now" and was in tears.  Tears people.  At one point he asked me, "What do you love more, me or your blog?"  And if he has to ask.... that's not a good thing. 

He also asked me, "Is this more of a catastrophe than the one time you couldn't figure out what to wear?"  I know.  I have some serious catastrophes in my life people.

Well aaaaanyway, magically it started working again and I was all smiles.  And now I have the very beginnings of my honey girl blog up and running, and I am so excited.

Blah blah blah blah.  Here's what I was really going to post about.  
I found this adorable to-do list in pictures from Kylee Noelle's blog.  

I'm going to take them all in instagram photos, so if you'd like to see them there instead of here you can follow me there! @nglarson is the username.

Happy Friday!

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[top: Debussy, the quad, and a soy chai --> preparing for statistics with an americano.
bottom: date night at bluehour in Portland with hubs --> favorite practice room overlooking a beautiful, sunny, salem day]

So, I should inform you blog-readers of my substitute idea which will be replacing the overused new-year's-resolution-idea.  As you may remember, instead of making health, fitness, or accomplishment resolutions, I made resolutions that have to do with my character - particularly my marriage.  A quick refresher....

1) Use positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement.

2) Assume value and reserve judgment.  

Now.  Just because I neglected to make goals concerning weight, diet, exercise, or whatever else is on the top 10 new year's resolutions list, doesn't mean I didn't think about them, or haven't been secretly trying to do them...

But because I believe that new year's resolutions are generally unattainable and don't last (whoa, Negative Nancy over here), I have decided to do something else.  Friends, I am pleased to introduce you to my new friend and life plan: The New Month's Resolution.

Pretty straight forward.  Each month, I am going to choose one goal to add to my over-arching goals of assuming value and reinforcing with positivity. Each month I will dedicate myself to bettering one aspect of myself instead of attacking all areas at once (which is kind of over-load for a little brain like mine).

This month, the lovely month of févriér, I will be eating NO SWEETS.  
Yup.  You read that right.  And you get to help me stay accountable.  If I eat sweets, I will have the embarrassing task of writing about it in my May or May-Not Mondays.

Okay that's not entirely true.  I will be eating sweets on Superbowl Sunday.  And also Valentine's Day.  And maybe on Saturdays or Sundays, but that is it.  

I chose this New Month's Resolution because I eat a giant bowl (sometimes 2 giant bowls) of melted peanut butter and nutella on a daily basis.  And if I don't get my nutellabutter fix, I go after a Snickers or Reeses to make up for it.  Or just spoonfuls of nutella.  Basically, I have a slight obsession with nutella.

And then there's the chai's, the hot chocolates, the gluten-free cookies, the tiny chocolates from the music office at school..... okay you get the point.

With all that said.... let the New Month's Resolution begin.
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a marathon ahead.

[jeans: j.crew, sweater: joe fresh Canada, necklace: gift (a real aspen leaf from Buena Vista Colorado - absolute favorite necklace), glasses: F21]

D'habitude, Mercredi (s) are my short days.  I get out of class at 1, relax for about 8 hours, and don't have any homework due on Thursdays.  Today however, my leisurely schedule is getting interrupted by some truly awesome events.

First, there's French tutoring.  This is a particularly exciting bump in my schedule, because it turns out that taking French 132 without French 131 is actually kind of difficult.  Especially when you're enthusiastic 60-year old French professor speaks not a WORD of English the entire class.  So hopefully today, 3 weeks of learning is all going to come together.

Then there's the Career Center.  One of our assignments in Anthro Theory is to make a resume.... like an actual resume, not just the kind you throw together when applying at your local Starbucks..... and I get to review it today with those professional people who do resume-related-activities for a living.  "Yes, I did list 'Varsity snowboarder' and 'fashion blogger' on my resume - don't you think it makes me look interesting, sir?"  

As if these little extras weren't enough, tonight me and hubs get to go to the Portland Opera together.  I couldn't be more excited.  I LOVE opera (dork alert = going off with rapid speed currently, I know).  I don't even have a clue what this opera is about.  Chances are it will be super long, super slow moving, and incredibly wonderful.  Don't ask.  I just love it.

As for now, a soy London Fog @ the best coffee shop in town - Governor's Cup Coffee Roasters.  

Have a great Wednesday!
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