take it from me.

[boots: madden girl.  jeans/blouse: j.crew.  jacket: F21 or H&M... can't remember.  necklace/watch: nordstrom's.  belt: nordstrom's.  beanie: Exit Real World]

Take it from me, it is always best to know that your first day of school back is on MONDAY instead of just assuming it is on TUESDAY.  This mistake made for one hectic day yesterday.  And I mean hectic.  We're talking school 9-12:30 (which was unexpected), work 1-6 (SOOOOper busy) and then community group 6:30-9.  So much for finishing painting, hanging out with my great friend Ashley, and getting one last day of rest in before the semester kicks in.  Woo-hoo.

Anyway.  I have some may or may-nots for you all.  The first, of course, being that I may or may-not have thought school started today, when in fact it started yesterday.

I may or may-not have actually been having a full on break down about how much I hate school and don't want to go back THIRTY MINUTES before I found out I had school the next day.  Nice.

I may or may-not have been walking across a street near my house (wearing bright red pants) and some dumbo honked and yelled, "nice pants!".  What does that even mean, seriously?

I may or may-not have eaten some dairy, and may or may-not have had some seeeeriously stinky farts.  But I am passed the point of trying to hide them and I just let 'em go, because it's way more painful to carry them around inside than it is painful to be embarrassed.

I may or may-not have finally bought some liquid foundation.  But I don't wear it.  It makes me MORE self conscious because I don't really know if I put it on evenly, or if it's the right color, or if it's coming off..... who needs that stress anyway?

It may or may-not be snowing in Salem.  I almost forgot what that was like.
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  1. Nat! Just a tip about the liquid foundation thing...my trick to guarantee it goes on evenly and without any dreaded lines on your chin is to apply it with a moistened cosmetic wedge (sponge). I simply set the tap water to hot, and as soon as it is warm (so the foundation will spread more easily) I quickly put the side of the wedge I will be using into the water and then pull it out (squeezing out any extra water if need be so that it is just slightly damp). Then I dip a Q tip into the foundation bottle to get just enough foundation for what I will be using that day. Then for each section of my face, I dab a little of the foundation from the Q tip onto the moistened warm wedge and apply to my face, repeating until I have covered all the areas that I want. Any remaining foundation on the Q tip can be wiped off on the lip of the jar so that I don't waste any! Hope that helps! :) (ps: I love these may or may-not posts especially!! they always make me smile!)

  2. Whoa - highly skilled in the foundation department over here. Thank you! I will be trying that. As soon as I find a foundation that I like. :)

  3. ALSO, going with the whole foundation thing...once you find the right shade, that is:-) get yourself a stippling brush! gives you flawless coverage. One of the 1st MUA tips and tricks I learned from my modeling days! xoxo