take it from me.

[boots: madden girl from Fred Meyer!!!; jeans: 7 for all mankind; blouse: j.crew; scarf: the Gap; neon watch: Fred Meyer; watch: Nordstrom's]

Is today Wednesday?  This is funny, because I titled this post "take it from me" and then proceeded to begin explaining to all you readers that I will be doing a "take-it-from-me-Tuesday" post once a week on... you guessed it... Tuesdays.  Now you know.  But I guess you'll just have to wait until next week for the advice.  As if I'm even old enough to give advice to anybody... but we'll see.

I'm off to nanny some boys down the street from me.  This'll be my first time with them, and they are ADORABLE.  Seriously.  Eli and Ewan, newly 4 and 1ish - I can't wait.  

Take it from me...... nannying is the greatest job in the world (sneak preview!!!!!)

Have a great Wednesday!
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