take it from me tuesday.

On Wednesday.

Take it from me, if you are starting a new medication and have a legitimate fear of any kind of sickness, DO NOT SCHEDULE ANYTHING for several days after starting said medicine.

I learned this the hard way last semester.  This time around, I have blocked out 3 whole days for myself to do absolutely nothing so that this medicine can do it's job, and I can chill it out.

Yesterday my husband and I went walking around downtown Salem (my favorite place to walk.  Probably because it almost always ends in us spending some time at Arbor, my favorite little shop in Salem).  

Due to this new medication, I might not be posting outfits for a few days.  I mean, unless you want to see pictures of me in sweats on a daily basis.  :)  Happy hump day!  

Ps... please do not make fun of my photoshop skills.  I have been spending un-godly amounts of time trying to figure out how to make a blur look good.  Still haven't gotten there yet.  Youtube videos are only good for so much.

[boots: Madden girl.  socks: hubby's.  leggings: target?  sweater: goodwill.  jacket: nordstrom's.  scarf: gap.  gloves: F21.  beanie: Exit Real World.]

And I tried some more editing later tonight.   All suggestions welcome!

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