may or may-not monday

[bracelets/glasses/blouse/blazer: F21;  rings/necklace: Nordstrom's/wedding ring]

May or may-not Monday, where you can divulge in the secrets of life's mishaps without feeling like a failure.

I may or may-not have went on a 3-day showerless streak, and instead decided to see how many of my t-shirts and pairs of jeans I could wear in those 3 days.  We're talkin' laissez-faire, people.

I may or may-not be being a not-so-excellent wife lately.  And by that I mean I hadn't grocery shopped in 2 months or so, and hadn't cooked in 3.  Poor husband.  I finally made him a meal (and extra, so it's actually a week's worth of meals.  Go wife.)  

I may or may-not have started nannying for these ADORABLE little boys.  Except one still wears diapers. Have I ever mentioned how much I detest poopy diapers?  The "mother" in me hasn't gotten around to loving them yet.

I may or may-not be in French 132.  Yes, that means I skipped 131 last semester.  Yes, that means Madame Schreiner speaks in French literally the entire class.  Yes, I got moved up to the front row on the first day. And yes, as you may have guessed, she fired a question at ME, standing about 1 foot from my desk, ominously looming there as this French-speaking-guru to whom I replied.. "..........." (nothing). The girl next to me, bless her heart, whispered, "She's asking you if you're new....", to which I idiotically replied, "Oh, yes!"  Which is English, by the way.  Nice.

I may or may-not be wearing almost the exact same thing I wore yesterday.
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Happy Monday!
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