A different kind of outfit.

Today husband and I ventured up to Meadows (in our new Volkswagen!!!) for some snowboarding and skiing.  The weather condition report was pretty deceiving.  While the sun was out and all was beautiful (as God's creations alwayyys are), the snow was more like ice with a light dusting of fresh powder on it.  Bummer.  Regardless, we stayed up there for the majority of the day and stopped by Starbucks in Sandy on our way home (a Larson tradition).  It was so great to spend the entire day with my husband - at the mountain, listening to a sermon on the way home, hanging at Starbucks, eating Thai, and laying around the house tonight.  He's my best friend.

We called in an order of Thai food on our way home, but when I got there to pick it up, they had given to someone else who claimed to have ordered yellow curry (we were the only to-go order, by the way).  While I sat there, frustrated that I was waiting for new food for about 20 minutes even though we had called in 40 minutes ago, I realized something.  Whoever was clever enough to claim someone else's to-go order must need food more than the person who called it in.  And I hope they enjoyed their curry.  It's too darn good not to.

Have a lovely weekend!

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