I was flipping through some old albums on my computer and came across the slideshow that played at our wedding.  I couldn't help but post some.... mostly as a little tribute to my parents, and then just some out-of-this-world cute ones (my personal opinion) to follow.

First, thanks parents for being awesome and raising me just the way you did.  I love you both/all! :)


ma mere

ma pere


For more, check out my facebook.  The entire album is on there. Many more of ma mere on there too! :)
Let the cuteness begin.....

we both triked

we both played

I was incredibly awesome, he was incredibly awkward

we both had bro's

he was a point guard and went to school on a full ride for bball, I pretended I knew how to play for a year

he practiced leadership, I practiced annoying people by trying to get into the circle

basically he's just a stud.

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