Wednesday through Saturday.

Well.  What a week it has been.
Tuesday: Nanny 9:30-4:30, rehearse 6-10 for show.
Wednesday: Nanny 9:30-4:30, rehearse 6-8 for show.
Thursday: nanny 930-3:30, set up for show, .... do show.  Go out for drinks with the greatest people ever.
Friday: Wake up at noon.  Christmas shop all day... frantically.  Wrap gifts... frantically.  Dinner with parents, and a SIX AND HALF HOUR LONG rehearsal for the Christmas Eve service tonight.  Yeah, I know.
Saturday: Thank you Neil for covering my shift at the coffee shop.  I would've been so stressed.  Great to see Celia and Josh, and Mom and rob of course for our first little Christmas (I can't believe I still get two more...!)  Watch football games/nap.  Definitely nap.  Christmas Eve service to begin at 5pm, and then it's all relaxing until Tuesday!

Here are some of the highlights from my nannying days:

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