the show.

Last Thursday (the 22nd), I did a show at Govcup with "my band", which actually just consists of some of the best musicians that I know in Salem.  Thanks to Ryan Bell, Grae Newman, Kevin Kostenko, and Tara Newman, this show was made possible.  I wasn't able to email entire videos from my phone --> email, but here are some snippets from the night that my husband caught on film.  

"Make You Feel My Love", originally written by Bob Dylan, and this version arranged by ADELE.
[piano and vocals: Natalie Larson]

"Fix You" by Coldplay, arranged by... Grae?  

And here is the ending:
[Piano/vox: Natalie Larson, Guitar/vox: Grae Newman, Cello: Ryan Bell, Cajon/percussion: Kevin Kostenko]

The way I am, by Ingrid Michaelson:
[Vox: Natalie Larson, Guitar/vox: Grae Newman, Harmony vox: Tara Newman, Stand-up bass: Ryan Bell, Percussion: Kevin Kostenko]

Thanks guys for making the show possible!  

Readers: we will hopefully be doing another show at the end of February, or beginning of March.  Stay tuned for details! :)

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