photoshop and shoes.

[blouse: j.crew; hair piece: gift; watch/rings: nordstrom's; skirt: old navy; leggings and boots: target; socks: Fred Meyer on black Friday!]

isn't she cute.

I had an incredible day today hanging out with my best friend Natalie.  She is a GEM.  She also helped me pick out these awesome shoes, and this wonderful skirt.  

Shoes: $14 at Target.  Not even kidding.  They're on clearance, and they have them in black too!
Skirt: $14.95 at Old Navy.  Also on clearance.  

Natalie and I went to Target, Nordstrom's, Woodburn Outlets (J.Crew, Ann Taylor, Loft, North Face), AND had time to somehow hit up 3 different coffee shops (using Christmas gift cards of course), read our Bibles together and dine out at Venti's!  It's so nice to have my best friend back from PA.  If only I could keep her here forever.

Tomorrow is a nanny day, so be prepared for no posting (hence the two today.  You're welcome.)

Happy almost-Wednesday!
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  1. AWESOME bargains. You are a champ. :)

  2. Love those boots from Target!! What a great buy! Maybe I'll have to go see if they're still selling them :] Thanks for thinking of me!

  3. thanks mom - learned it from you. and you're welcome molly!