Merry Christmas.

I don't think anyone would disagree that there are just way too many reasons to love Christmas.  I couldn't even begin to lay out my highlights from the day.  I guess I could talk about how my husband got me some beautiful new rings and I felt like I was being proposed to all over again.... or how my mom made me HOME MADE gluten free stuffing, and my own ENTIRE gluten free pie.  Yeah.  She's that awesome.  Or maybe if I was really rambling on with the "yeah yeah yeah we all know what you mean" kind of awesome stuff about Christmas, I would talk about my awesome nephew-in-law (?) Kincaid who was repeatedly screaming "book it up!" (read: "hook it up" kind of tone of voice) as he tried desperately to get me and hubs to continue reading the Christmas I Spy book with him..... all of that and much, much more could definitely be talked about.

Or I could just post these pictures.

[cliche, but still a must.]

["finnnnnally a big clock!!"]

[couldn't believe I had vaguely described a new Bible that I wanted and he got the EXACT one I wanted. Way to go, husband]

[After already opening 2 boxes of rings... surely we were done with the ring-giving.  Then, after all presents had been opened, he goes "ow.. ow!" and was "sitting" on something pokey.  Surprise... another ring box.  Hence this reaction.]
[Honker.  So awesome.]

[The Elder household - stockings for all.]

[Kincaid and Jeremy.  Chillin.]

[Lob.  Otherwise known as Rob.]

[Mom.  Otherwise known as The Best.]

[The surprised face I was hoping to catch all evening.]


[The gang.]

Oh.  And my Mom got me photoshop.  So just watch out.  As soon as that puppy is installed, you can wave good-bye to the "I wish I was good at editing photos but I just use iPhoto that came with this computer..." editing jobs that I have always done.  I know, I know, you are thankful.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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