may or may-not monday

May or may-not Monday - where you can divulge in the secrets of life's mishaps without feeling like a failure.

I may or may-not be done with my sex and gender class FOREVER!!!!!!!  I may or may-not have slightly disliked learning all about how transexuals should be accepted as a cultural category, evolution is the reason for our biology, etc. etc.  BUT.  I certainly learned a lot and can't wait to talk to some non-believer about it all, and hopefully blow them out of the water with my knowledge about "the other side".  Or not.  But either way, a well-rounded education is a valuable thing.  Right?

I may or may-not have made cookies as a treat for my last day of urban anthropology (for the class, people. not for myself.)  Well.... the class didn't eat them all.  So I may have eaten like 10.  Or 15.  Somewhere in there. Then in a panic I brought them to church on Sunday morning and made other people suffer through their unbelievably-wild-deliciousness.  Still working on how I'm gonna get all that sugar-poundage off my body.  But whateverrr it's winter.

I may or may-not have had an emotional breakdown with my husband.  I got to confide in him things I never thought I'd be able to share - vulnerabilities about my personality that are so fragile and private that I break when anybody even walks by them.  I mean... seriously people.  This was tough stuff.  But what did Matt do?  He is the greatest husband EVER.  He held me, prayed with me, told me how much he loved me and that none of it could ever change.  Now that sounds all cliche and wonderful and stuff... but if you knew just how selfish and sinful a girl like me can be, and how forgiving and merciful a husband (and a God!) can be... you might break down and cry too.

I may or may-not looooove goat's milk and cereal.  Thank you Mindi Dunn!!

I may or may-not have stopped cooking this school year.  That means Matt and I eat out a LOT.  It's worked into our budget, but sometimes it's ridiculous.  Bentley's one night, Venti's the next, and 2 Jamba Juice runs in between..... 

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  1. Goat's Milk- FABULOUS, right? Unbelievable. I hope you're getting the raw stuff... SO much better!