goodbye fall semester, hello christmas break!

No better way to celebrate break than by scoring an AMAZING deal at J.Crew yesterday.  Seriously.  I added up how much my purchase SHOULD have costed if everything were regular price... check it out... $370 ish! That's ridiculous.  But this girl got it all for just $105 - one hundred and five dollars of the Christmas cash my grandparents sent me.  I'm telling you, it was a great day.  Here's a little peak at my new items:

[clearance.  all clearance was an additional 40% off, and if you're a college student you automatically always get 15% off your purchase! so this item was only $20).


[denim button up]

[sparkle tee - usually $50, purchased for about $20]

[Pencil skirt - usually $90. Was 40% off plus my student discount]

[not from J.Crew.... but these are some of my favorite nail products!]

[Shirt, sweater, skirt: J.Crew; shoes: urban outfitters; necklaces/tights: target; watch: nordstrom's]

I also scored an adorable new wallet, and ______ for Matt. (In case he reads this before Christmas!)
Did I mention that: while I was in the dressing room, I added up EVerything on my phone calculator, including all discounts, and my student discount?  I knew it would be about $160, but that was okay.  Then I headed up to the counter, and first used a gift card that Matt said had about $3 left on it probably. NOT. It had $60!!!!!!  Thus, my purchase was only about $100.  It was awesome.

J.Crew is currently having a giant sale.  Also, if you get their emails, you can get 20% off your entire purchase until December 24th!!!  Hurry on in there!

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  1. Very cute outfit! Your blog is adorable :) You have a new follower, happy weekend!