Have you heard of this iPhone app?  Otherwise known as the coolest-photo-collage-app-ever.  

Who needs photoshop anyway?

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.  I have been waiting for this day.  Today my agenda consists of only things I want to do.  I'm going to head to my favorite coffee shop in Salem, (not just because I work there), Govcup, for a Bible study and some time to just be.  Then it's off to do all the little errands that the school year doesn't leave time for.  THEN.  I might just take my serious cash-flow that I have from relatives just ... giving me checks because Christ was born (this... seems like an oxymoron somehow) and do some leisure shopping.  
And if I'm lucky.... my best friend Natalie just might want to go snowboarding with me tonight.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

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