wish list.

I've been working on my Christmas wish-list since ... almost summer time. 

So here it is.

1) Slippers.  My feet are icicles 24/7.  Santa may have already gotten me some slippers though...
2) Mary Kay beauty products - the best.

3) Wooden chopping block for the kitchen.
4) Giftcards: H&M, Nordstrom's, J.Crew., you get the picture here.
5) Accessories.  What's a girl without accessories?
6) Cute, fuzzy, over the top mittens.
7) Flannel sheets.
8) Photoshop! This is my number one of course.  But so spendy.  Yikes.
9) Any books recommended by fam are the best.
10) Coffee gift cards are always pretty safe....
11) A new Bible for me to tear through and read all over again
12) O P I Nail polish, either peach, dark red, nude, sparkly gold, or whatever else catches Santa's eye of course..
13) Paper cutter and fabric cutter for the crafting side of my personality.
14) Wailin Jennies, Amos Lee, or Adele CDs.  All good options.

I figure it's best to go with some "needs" (flannel sheets and slippers obviously...) and some "wants" (giftcards, accessories, nail polish).  Gives a nice balance to the stocking and under-the-tree surprises.

Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas?
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  1. I totally need slippers for Christmas too! My feet are always freezing! Great list and super cute blog! :)

    xx Melina
    .but i like it.