may or may-not monday

Has it been a while?  I would say so.  Life comes at you fast.  So do papers, exams, performances, illnesses.... jeesh!  Well here it is folks.  My long list of may or may-nots that I've been stocking up on.

I may or may not have IBS, which is both inconvenient and embarrassing.  I finally went to the doctor to get this sorted out so I can stop doing the dash-out-of-class-to-the-bathroom-as-quick-as-possible move.  Fortunately for me, the doctor thinks that anxiety meds will help!  I have had bad anxiety for. ev. er.  So that's the good news.  On the downside, I took my first anxiety pill yesterday and was up half the night trying not to throw up or pass out, and couldn't work or go to school today.   I may or may-not have some health problems.

I may or may-not have had two traumatizing encounters with bees.  My first was at the pumpkin patch, where a bee would NOT leave me and my delicious cider alone.  It kept perching itself riiiiight on my little sippy hole, begging me to get a big fat bee stung lip.  I ended up setting my cup down and running at full speed outta there.  My second encounter was even more confusing.  I went for a walk through our neighborhood which has THEEEEEE best fall trees in town (probably.  I'm almost sure of it).  I put on a nice sermon and was all smiley and refreshed, when all of a sudden... bees were EVERWHERE!!! And I mean everywhere.  12 of them or more, buzzing all around my head.  With a little "Yelp!" I took off running, wondering what the heck just happened.  I'm glad the weather is changing and the bees are starting to buzz on out of here.

I may or may-not still cry during the x-factor.  Well, not as much as I used to.  The episode where they were getting cut or going through at the judge's homes??? I was crying solid through every commercial break.  Sobbing.

I may or may-not have had a major sock-bun curl failure.  Turns out, my hair is not long enough for the sock-bun curls, and in the morning my hair was sooooper poofy, and of course impossible to work with for the rest of the day.

Speaking of hair.... my last hair appointment may or may-not have been 4 hours.  FOUR HOURS.  How does this happen?

I may or may-not have left the house to go to my math tutoring the other night without realizing I was still wearing my giant pink fuzzy slippers.  I didn't noticed until I got to school how ridiculous my outfit was.  To my relief, my friends seemed to enjoy the fuzziness.

I may or may-not have worked out for the first time in 3 months (okay, I went for a walk and did some centergy, that was it....).  Talk about embarrassing.  I could hardly lift my arms the next day, and every part of my body was sore.  It hurt so good.

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