mix its and match its and a stroll.

My husband is the greatest person on earth.  Yesterday he sat by my side the whole 9 hours I was doing homework, proof-read everything I printed, went for a walk downtown with me (just because I wanted to), and joined me for a cup of caramel cider at govcup (I would go to govcup 4x a day if I had the budget.... even though I work there....and so it means a lot when he comes).  He is the greatest.  Period.  He also played the role of photographer.

boots and skirt: target, chunk-sweater: goodwill, scarf: gifted (originally Nordstrom's, Christmas gift from my awesome step-sister Erin, who is a Nordy's buyer. Greatest job ever?), nail polish: essie.

purse and pea coat: Nordstrom's.  Cliche Salem goose picture: Priceless.

Aside:  I got home from my first class today and my wonderful husband had done all the dishes and was reading the Word of God.  I love that man.  He is truly the greatest.  
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