may or may-not monday

May or may-not Monday... where you can divulge in the secrets of life's mishaps  without feeling like a failure.  So go on.... own up.  I may have....

I may or may not have made two pumpkin pies with a total of 1 teaspoon of sugar.  Yes, that is 1/2 teaspoon of sugar in each pumpkin pie.  Yes, they were disgusting.  My sweet husband took the cooked pies out of their shells and added the sugar for me as I moped around, disappointed in my low performance in pumpkin pie making.  I even made one gluten free so that I could eat it!  Anyway.  Sugar added, we both had a slice.  And both got extremely sick the next day.  I may or may-not have not cooked them long enough..... complete fail.  

I may or may-not have been told by my husband just yesterday that he finally just threw the pies away (after our 2nd round sticking them in the oven).  And pumpkin pie is his favorite.  Complete wife fail.

I may or may-not have been watching a commercial for Trop50 juice thinking to myself, "There's got to be somebody following that woman around with a fan to make her hair blow all around like that.  There's just got to be."  And then, what'd you know, the camera shows the fan-holding possey!  Ever have a moment like that where you just want everybody to know that you were thinking of something RIGHT before it happens??  But nobody cares?  And there's nobody to tell?  And it's not that impressive anyway?  And you have that little "Dang.  If I would've opened my mouth 5 seconds earlier everyone would know how smart I am..." feeling?   What is that??  

I may or may-not have said these words:  "Yeah, I would do Rogers.  That would be awesome".  Now.  Let's back up to the previous conversation.
Husband:  Honey, if I got you a Packers jersey, which player's name would you want?
Me:  Is that even a real question???
Husband:  I don't know, Matthews would be kinda cool.
Me:  Yeah but let's be honest.  You like Rogers more than Matthews.
Husband:  Good point.
[long pause]
Me: Yeah, I would do Rogers.  That would be awesome."
[Extremely long dramatic scowl from my husband]
[I laugh uncontrollably until I cry, and finally apologize]


Today's 'fit (yes, that is outfit abbreviated)

[scarf: h&m,  black button-up blouse, dress, and ring: Nordstrom's,   jacket: forever21,   boots: target]

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