Mamma bear's birthday, and punkins.

Happy birthday to my wonderful mom.  You taught me to be a listener, to kill 'em with kindness, to be mature.  You taught me how to love, how to be selfless and what to say.  You are a fabulous woman with a heart of gold and I love you so much!!

I hadn't been to a pumpkin patch since 3rd grade.  I'm pretty sure.  Mom, you can correct me if I'm wrong.

Found tall pumpkin #1.

Cider.  Hottness.

Adorable little pumpkin!!

My plans is to spray paint some an off-white color and get some glitter stripes goin' down the sides, like this:

Should be fun.  Bought my Martha Stewart glitter yesterday @ craftwarehouse and the spray-painting has already begun.  Pumpkin-display pictures to come later!  
Hope you all are having a great October.  It is, after all, the best month of the year........ 
besides December.

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  1. Aw. You are my punkin. And I think you must be right - since 3rd grade. Love you, Natalie Grace.