it may-or-may-not ... not be monday

But I have some stories regardless.

May or may-not Monday.. where you can divulge in the secrets of life's mishaps without feeling like a failure.  So go on... own up.  I may have...

I may or may-not have done SO much homework last week on Wednesday that I spent the night lying wrapped up in a fleece blanket in front of my fireplace with hubs for like two hours, relishing in the doing of nothing-ness.  Yes.  The bliss of refusing to do a single, darned, thing.

I may or may-not watch the X-Factor every time it airs.  Shamelessly.  I also may or may-not cry every time the 14 year girl (yes, Rachel Crowe, she is phe.no.men.al.) sings.  

I may or may-not have been joking around with my husband while I was showering. We were laughing, talking, you know.  Usual couple bathroom stuff (TMI?).  Well anyway, I make some comment (mistake) that goes something like "Oh, I thought you were coming over to scare me."  And before I know what's happening, Matt pulls the shower curtain back (from the opposite side I would expect), and screams at me.  I can't even explain how scared I was.  I immediately screamed at the top of my lungs, turned like I was going to run, started crying, and peed myself.  Yes, I peed.  I immediately, out of shear fear, starting peeing.  All of this was so frightening and so funny that not only was I bawling and peeing, I was also laughing uncontrollably.  I can't even imagine what my face looked like.  But when something is reeeeally funny, my husband gets this real squeaky high-pitched laugh, and once that shows up you know it's good.  Well.  He was squeaky-high pitch laughing.  "Eeeee-heeeee-heeeeee!!!!!"

I may or may-not have finally created a twitter.  Ughhhh I didn't want it to happen.  Now my challenge is understanding the tweet world.  So far my attempts consist of: logging in,  looking around a little at my home page, attempting to search for somebody and failing, and getting frustrated and logging off.  I got an email notifying me that I have a "follower" and I'm not even sure what that means, or what they're following.   So I begin telling Matt about all of these twitty tweety troubles.  He tells me that I need a "twitter education.  A twittercation.  A tweducation.  A TWOOTER!!"  To which I agree that I most certainly need a twooter.  

And you?

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  1. OH MY GOSH!! you just made me laugh so hard (i neeeeeeded that)! i love everything about this post. nat, you are adorable!

  2. I'm so glad it made you laugh :) that was my whooole intention. Lots of love to you and I still think it's silly that we're both in Salem and never hang out... in like 4 hours... what is our problem..... :)

  3. You made me laugh, too. SO funny. I could just see it.... bawling, peeing and laughing. And Matt heeee heeeeeeeeing. Thanks, Nat.