I turned 22.

October 24th is really the best day of the whole year.  My husband once said, "Your birthday is like a national holiday.  That only you celebrate."  And it is, folks.  It's a big friggin deal to me.  Maybe not to anybody else... but I love my birthday.

This year my amazing husband planned the greatest birthday trip EVER.  Here are a few of the highlights.

Acai bowl at OB

Sea World.

Palm trees.

Tennis with Matt's college buds.

Birthday gluten free pizza + hard cider

Shuffle board.

Sunset cliffs and Bro's mansion.


Our amazing hotel.

Honeymoon style.  Seriously.

Birthday dinner night.

Road trippin' with my love.  34 + hours total. 

AND when we got back from our trip...  Mom and Rob got me an amazing surprise present.... sewing machine!!!!!

Thank you both so much!!!  I can't believe I'm going to be able to do my projects at home whenever I want.  :D

All in all, the best birthday I've ever had.  Thank you to my wonderful husband who planned the entire thing!!!!  You are amazing.

And now, back to school, back to fall weather (this is a good thing.  No.  A great thing), back to homework and coffee shops and X Factor.  Fall... you are good to me.
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