so I have come to a realization.

I do not own enough skirts.

Okay, that is a ridiculous statement.  Of course I own enough skirts.  I own 3 total.  One formal black one that is much too big, one crazy print one that is either casual or formal, and one long polka dotted skirt (see blog photo).  Children in Africa can't even TOUCH all the inches of material in skirts that I have.  Ugh.  I feel terrible.

So I better start off by saying not that I don't own enough skirts, but that I am extremely grateful for all the things I already DO own.

And now I would like to make my collection just a little more.... relevant?  Sure.  That sounds like justification.

Here are some things I am thinking about.

First: Every girl needs a go-to solid color skirt that makes her body look smokin'.  Do I own one of these? No. Can you wear these skirts with ANYTHING?  Yes.  Seems an easily fixable problem.

Second: A nice stretchy light gray skirt is always nice for those days you want to wear your Birkenstocks and a t-shirt.  I lack one of these wonderful things.  Also, the stretchy gray skirt is a great go-to for the time of the month when the way of womanhood sweeps over you.  Also for pregnancy.  Not that I'd know.

Third:  Once one has acquired such wonderful articles, one needs tops to accompany them.  Right?????

Anyway.  I'm having this PULL to the shops.... and haven't spent any of my shopping money this month..... which isn't a whole lot, BUT STILL.

Any suggestions?  I'll take links, photos of yourself, or anything really.  What products do you love?  What skirts look great on a girl?  Send me yo stuff!!!

Some looks I like.

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