re-season your house for under $50

My friend Megan came over to hang out today.  Our intention was to chat and maybe sit in the sun, but as soon as she showed up I just had to ask where she thought I should hang my pumpkin plaque. Then things got serious.

Apparently Megan and I share a love of decorating.  

I had just returned from Craft Warehouse with two modest bags of goodies - fall decor.  We immediately (okay, maybe over the span of like 4 and a half hours....) had a  festive-fall-frenzy decorating session.

SO.  Here is how to re-season your house for under $50.

Sunflower, rafia, and vase: free

Megan: free

Pear: free from our yard

Fall: $6.96

Pear/mason/rafia: free

Already had all this stuff - use what you already have!

Megan's little set up

Pumpkin: $3.99 at Goodwill

Vase: $11.99 at Craft Warehouse

Pumpkin plaque: $3.99 Craft Warehouse

Remember my old set up for summer???  Green plant, flowers in the jars, all white cups.... 

Megan liked this picture better.

I liked this one.  So you get both.  The little berries are from the pumpkin that was on my piano... they fell off.  So I used 'em here.

Scarecrow: $3.99

Flowers, candles, rafia, pear... all free.  Thanks Megan for the beautiful flowers

Jars: 29 cents each at Goodwill, so a total of $2.10

3 spray paint cans: $9 ish

Our supplies.  We decided rafia is basically a fall necessity.

Flowers: $2.50 each for the orange ones, and about $6 for the sunflowers

this is what we decided to do with the jars.  Give each a different look with burlap, ribbon, or raffia of course.

the whole set up

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