I have been so excited to get this ladder hung up on branches from our yard.  
Finally we got it done.  
Bedroom = slowly but surely becoming my dream room.
Thanks to this stud.

dresser w/ all different knobs from:  anthropologie & world market

Jewelry dish.

Burlap wreaths, raffia in mason jar, frame, metal.  

Made with part of a metal hanger on the inside, poked holes in folded Burlap to make wreath.

This one was my first attempt with only a glue gun.  It's not as pretty but it still works. :)  Twine to hang.

Rustic look

tiny chandeliers that hold tea lights. :)

Now I just need to make our quilt, and the room will be set.

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  1. I love the ladder idea! I need to find myself a ladder now.....an antique one!

    (Just a thought---if you have leftover paint you could paint that string between the white balls then you wouldn't notice it)