may or may-not monday

May or May-Not Monday:  Where you can divulge in the secrets of life's mishaps without feeling like a failure.  So go on.... own up.  I may have....

I may or may-not have seriously considered peeing in a bush behind a building downtown I had to go that bad.  It was painful.  Awful.  I potty danced in my seat in my car allll the way home, and entered the house at lightning speed to find that beautiful porcelain object of my little heart's desire.  And I made it.  Phew.  But there was a moment when I thought I really wouldn't have been ashamed, because sometimes, it's just that bad.

I may or may-not have gone to my class an hour early the other day.  An hour.  I mean 10 minutes is one thing, but an hour.  I immediately left, frustrated, and went home and ate a bunch of lunch.

I may or may-not have gotten up the very next morning to rush through my reading for Urban Anthro only to realize (when I was nearly finished... an hour and a half later of reading...) that I didn't have that class that day.  Okay, so I am seriously confused with my schedule at this point.

I may or may-not have gotten up and started getting ready for my class that I thought started at 9:10, but it actually started at 9:40.  I could have been sleeping.  Are we noticing a trend here?

I may or may-not have tried on about 40 things at J.Crew, all of which I loved of course, and thought about which one I was going to purchase for like 35 minutes, only to leave with no items in hand, and a frowning face.  So sad.  I hate discipline, but I love it also.

I may or may-not like my math class so much that I talk about it all the time, and try to get my friends and my husband to solve the problems I did in class that day, and do all the extra credit and am just a complete nerd.  Nerrrrrrd.

I'm just sure that can't be all.  But for now, 'tis.
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