bikes and tunnels.

Today hubs and I went for a nice little 35 mile bike ride.  As it is nearing the time of the month when he needs to be careful, I immediately started crying when he reminded me we needed to ride 55 miles today to train for our century that is only 15 days away (yikes!!!!).  I was so sad and tired.  Immediately becoming 3, I cried until he said we could do 35.  :)

On our bike ride we under an overpass, but it's more like a tunnel.  The bike line is non-existant and the traffic is fast, there's no time to take your sunglasses off (or any place to put them) and I am drafting behind Matthew as close as I possibly can.  The result?  

Trust.  I have to trust that Matt isn't going to run over a big object, that I will also run over if I remain behind him.  I have to trust that he will not ride over a drain and get his wheel stuck and I won't crash into him due to sudden change in speed.  I have to trust that the man in front of me is going to get me out of that tunnel, because I can't see a darned thing ahead of me and I certainly don't know the best way.  

On the other side of this tunnel is an uphill, so we must gain as much speed as possible to make the climb easier on the muscles. 

During these 15 seconds all of these things were going through my mind at lightning speed, and I decided to trust my husband and pedal my little heart out.  But it wasn't easy.  In fact, it was very scary.

Isn't that the way that it is with God?  It's so scary to pedal faster and harder, so scary when we can't see what's TWO FEET in front of us because we are so close to Him.  Scary when we need to trust him instead of ourselves.  But in the end?  We come out of the tunnel and back into the light, breathing the fresh air, flying along on one heck of a ride.

I love my wonderful husband, and I love my wonderful, beautiful, magnificent God.  

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