Fall And All His Friends

Let the scarf season begin.

Oh... and the homework season.... welcome to my life.

[Bon Iver Pandora, Urban Anthro, Apple Cinnamon-scented candles.  Perfect hw space]


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may or may-not monday

May or may-not Monday... where you can divulge in the secrets of life's mishaps without feeling like a failure.  So go on.... own up.  I may have...

I may or may-not have gotten some maaaajor shopping urges these past couple of weeks.... which culminated in me asking Matt in the car, "Matt, do you ever get tired of NOT spending your money??" His response?  He burst out laughing and said "No.  Of course not.  Saving all my money sounds incredible... why, what do you want to buy?"  To which I responded... "ohhh I don't know.  3 new pairs of shoes.  Rings.  Necklaces.  Anything."  ... and then I am humbly reminded of how much I already have and of how great Jesus is.... ughhhh it's so hard to be me.  :)

I may or may-not have grabbed the camera on the way out of my front door, handed it silently to my husband as he followed in hot pursuit and sat down immediately on our front porch, assuming a picture-ready position.  All of this without saying a word.  He smiled and asked, "would you like me to take your picture?".  I nodded.  Dork.  I can't believe I'm comfortable enough around my husband to do the things I would do alone, like take pictures of myself.  What a guy.

I may or may-not get goosebumps up and down my leg (yes, singular, it only happens on one leg at a time) when I hear lyrics in a song that I really like.  I was driving home listening to Zac Brown pandora and some song I'd never heard came on about "This is country music, and we dooooo..." and I didn't even LIKE country music until like 2 months ago.... and I had MAD shivers.  I was so embarrassed for myself.  But I just turned it up a little bit louder...

I may or may-not have chewed an apple SO loud and obnoxiously with my mouth open today because Matt is out of town and can't get bugged.  It felt so good.  I admit it.

Husband and I may or may-not have a "poopatrator".  Some creature is taking fat dueces in our yard EVERY DAY.  Full on cow patties.  We can't figure out when, why or WHAT or WHO this thing is.... and Matt has cleaned up a loooootta runny poo.  Huge piles.  I don't even know how a creature can produce this much poo.

I may or may-not be keeping an EXTREMELY close watch on my front lawn today for the poopatrator's next attack.... but he seems to know I'm waiting and it hasn't happened yet.  Jerk.  I also seriuosly considered leaving my macbook on the front porch with the video camera on to catch this thing in action.  If it's our neighbor's dog... I swear.....
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You know it's fall when...

All you think are the words "pumpkin spice" every morning.
The WD-40 comes out to solve the squeaky-scarf-drawer problem that seems to be waking your husband up every morning.
Coffee shop hang-outs become more frequent and longer.
Leaves seem to be on fire.
An urge to go for a walk downtown seems to work its way into your little heart every evening.
Your Pandora station switches from the Zac Brown Band to Bon Iver.
Homework becomes almost enjoyable (almost).
The word 'Christmas' even comes into your mind... just for a second though...

Yep.  Fall's my favorite.  Along with the rest of the world.

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I have been so excited to get this ladder hung up on branches from our yard.  
Finally we got it done.  
Bedroom = slowly but surely becoming my dream room.
Thanks to this stud.

dresser w/ all different knobs from:  anthropologie & world market

Jewelry dish.

Burlap wreaths, raffia in mason jar, frame, metal.  

Made with part of a metal hanger on the inside, poked holes in folded Burlap to make wreath.

This one was my first attempt with only a glue gun.  It's not as pretty but it still works. :)  Twine to hang.

Rustic look

tiny chandeliers that hold tea lights. :)

Now I just need to make our quilt, and the room will be set.

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double o's


shoes: urban outfitters, jeans: J.Crew, shirt: Target, jacket: F21, purse&sunglasses&watch: Nordstrom's,
scarf: $5 in chinatown SanFran. 

and foodie friday.

Sometimes food doesn't look as pretty as it tastes.  
But this dinner was what we like to call a W.
[a win.]

Salmon and split peas with onions.

Onions, split peas, and celery if desired: use large saucepan with 2.5 cups of water.  Boil split peas, then cool to a simmer for 5 minute. 
Add celery/onion, however much desire.
Cook until vegetables soft.
Save some of the juice to make 'dressing'.

Dressing = garlic (minced), mustard, oil, vinegar, and left over water from veggies.

Heat up your broiler to "high"
Spray cooking pan
Sprinkle salt and pepper on Salmon - 4 fillets max for dish
Broil on HI for 10 minutes or so
Cut up and serve over peas.


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may or may-not monday

May or May-Not Monday:  Where you can divulge in the secrets of life's mishaps without feeling like a failure.  So go on.... own up.  I may have....

I may or may-not have seriously considered peeing in a bush behind a building downtown I had to go that bad.  It was painful.  Awful.  I potty danced in my seat in my car allll the way home, and entered the house at lightning speed to find that beautiful porcelain object of my little heart's desire.  And I made it.  Phew.  But there was a moment when I thought I really wouldn't have been ashamed, because sometimes, it's just that bad.

I may or may-not have gone to my class an hour early the other day.  An hour.  I mean 10 minutes is one thing, but an hour.  I immediately left, frustrated, and went home and ate a bunch of lunch.

I may or may-not have gotten up the very next morning to rush through my reading for Urban Anthro only to realize (when I was nearly finished... an hour and a half later of reading...) that I didn't have that class that day.  Okay, so I am seriously confused with my schedule at this point.

I may or may-not have gotten up and started getting ready for my class that I thought started at 9:10, but it actually started at 9:40.  I could have been sleeping.  Are we noticing a trend here?

I may or may-not have tried on about 40 things at J.Crew, all of which I loved of course, and thought about which one I was going to purchase for like 35 minutes, only to leave with no items in hand, and a frowning face.  So sad.  I hate discipline, but I love it also.

I may or may-not like my math class so much that I talk about it all the time, and try to get my friends and my husband to solve the problems I did in class that day, and do all the extra credit and am just a complete nerd.  Nerrrrrrd.

I'm just sure that can't be all.  But for now, 'tis.
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re-season your house for under $50

My friend Megan came over to hang out today.  Our intention was to chat and maybe sit in the sun, but as soon as she showed up I just had to ask where she thought I should hang my pumpkin plaque. Then things got serious.

Apparently Megan and I share a love of decorating.  

I had just returned from Craft Warehouse with two modest bags of goodies - fall decor.  We immediately (okay, maybe over the span of like 4 and a half hours....) had a  festive-fall-frenzy decorating session.

SO.  Here is how to re-season your house for under $50.

Sunflower, rafia, and vase: free

Megan: free

Pear: free from our yard

Fall: $6.96

Pear/mason/rafia: free

Already had all this stuff - use what you already have!

Megan's little set up

Pumpkin: $3.99 at Goodwill

Vase: $11.99 at Craft Warehouse

Pumpkin plaque: $3.99 Craft Warehouse

Remember my old set up for summer???  Green plant, flowers in the jars, all white cups.... 

Megan liked this picture better.

I liked this one.  So you get both.  The little berries are from the pumpkin that was on my piano... they fell off.  So I used 'em here.

Scarecrow: $3.99

Flowers, candles, rafia, pear... all free.  Thanks Megan for the beautiful flowers

Jars: 29 cents each at Goodwill, so a total of $2.10

3 spray paint cans: $9 ish

Our supplies.  We decided rafia is basically a fall necessity.

Flowers: $2.50 each for the orange ones, and about $6 for the sunflowers

this is what we decided to do with the jars.  Give each a different look with burlap, ribbon, or raffia of course.

the whole set up

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