Where Would Jesus Live?

Studying the Psalms is always a great place to start.  Or end.  Or take a tangent to.  Really, the Psalms are something I should continually be reading through - a workbook on praise, directions on how to pray, examples of men of the bible feeling like God has abandoned them (meaning it's okay to feel that way!! but He never does leave...).  It's perfect.  It's a perfect collection.

I was reading Psalms 132, 131, & 130 this morning.  Working my way backwards because usually I start with Psalm 1, and never end up getting to the end of the book.

This morning I was humbled greatly by the words of Psalm 132, in particular.

132:3-5  " 'I will not enter my house or go to my bed - I will allow no sleep to my eyes, no slumber to my eyelids, till I find a place for the Lord, a dwelling for the Mighty One of Jacob.' "

Here, the Psalmist is quoting David from an earlier Psalm.  It was striking to me because I have put on an attitude of stubbornness lately (in everything - talking to Matt, my attitude towards others, selfishness, etc.) and have been PRAYING my butt off that God would remove it, but it simply hasn't lifted.  Alas, I think it is up to me to take the first step and moveee on, AND, to never let something rest until I have found a "place for the Lord" in my attitude - in praise, in thanksgiving, in worship - rather than in selfishness and stubbornness.  The Lord cannot rest in that attitude, and has no part in it.

THEN.  I read verse 8.

"...arise, O Lord, and come to your resting place, you and the ark of your might."

God's resting place is in our praise (Psalm 22:3 - "you are the praises of Israel" or ' you are lifted up and exalted by the praises of Israel).  If we do not build a habitat of praise for the Lord daily, how can we say we are dwelling with Him?  If Jesus was on earth and was tired, thirsty, hungry, and aching... would we say "come and stay with me"?  Of course.  But since He is only here in His spirit, we must BUILD a place for Him to rest - a place of worship and praise.

Man.  I haven't been doing that.  Anybody else convicted?

So today, even though it feels good to be stubborn and make sure I get my way, I am going to let go of those feelings.  How?  Step 1 = SERVE.  I'm going to serve my butt off to my husband, because that is where it's got to start.  In the family.

Who can you serve today?  Who can you lay down your self for??  I'm moving on from stubbornness and I challenge you to do the same!
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