we're flexible out here in Bend: part II

What a great weekend so far, and the fireworks are yet to happen!

First, we decided to do some home improvement.  After smoothies and espresso on the patio.

Very nice edging done.  This is where my herb garden is going!!!

Painting our other table for the front porch

And then we wanted to make a picnic table.  So we did.  Still not finished though.  We had to go to church.


Hubby and I went to Bend and floated the river on tubes (no pictures, due to large amounts of water being on and all around us).  

Lunch at Cafe Yumm! in Bend.

Followed by an almost 2 hour drive to Diamond Lake where we enjoyed the company of family friends and got to go out on the party boat, watch the "talent show" at the main lodge, stay up late playing "Skip-Bo" and catching up with people whom I had never met and Matt hadn't seen in too long.

Patriotic strawberries that I made for my new friends

At Diamond Lake!

Mt. Bailey.  And kid talent show.  She's mid-back handspring right here.

We're off to the Riverfront for some fireworks tonight!!  Happy 4th to all!

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