since when is this a work day?

I have to admit.  My husband's job is preeeettty freakin' awesome.  His mandatory travel = my mandatory vacation.  I've ended up in Bend, Eugene, Portland, and just yesterday Medford (which was way sunnier and warmer than Salem today, by the way).

Matt and I have really got this down now.  He goes out and works while I either A) Go to Starbucks and do a bible study.  B) Sit in the hotel (not as fun, this was an accident) or C) lay by the hotel pool.

Oookay... option C = YES! please.

In short, today was awesome.  I long...

I sat by that frickin' pool for THREE hours.  Without any food.  Oh, and then for another hour after that I sat in the shade because I was fried.  I didn't really plan ahead too well, and despite Matt's efforts to get me to purchase some cranberry-sugary-cashews from SBux, I packed zero food.  Thankfully I had a water so I didn't die of dehydration.

But picture this.

The pool was TINY, with like 4 lawn chairs and some mini tables that looked like they should have ash trays.  It was dieee-rectly next to the parking lot, so, no privacy.  I was the only person there for those solid 3 hours so it was super awkward whenever anybody walked by.  Finally when some dude came down to share the nice spot, I politely put my clothing on, packed my two magazines and Malcom Gladwell's "Blink" and headed to the shade, outside the pool area, away from creepy men.  Yes.

Plus I was plenty red.  Everywhere.  Literally.  My feet are even sunburned.

All in all though, it was a great trip.  Matt and I got chatty on the way to Medford last night and today was a solid ride home listening to country music (I can't believe I am saying this I can't believe I am saying this)....

I'm SO grateful that his job is so ... permissive, and flexible, and wonderful... and I'm so thankful for a husband who wants to take me everywhere he goes.  Lotta love in this household.

Anyway.  Here are some pictures of our trip.  Aaanddd... picnic table and retaining wall!!!!  Which means I get to start my herb garden.  Thanks Matt and Jeff for the spectacular brick-laying.

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