fitness tip.

Just some fitness tips from my personal experience that I thought I'd share today.

1)    Define your goals.
a.     What is it you'r looking for? Toning? Strengthening? Losing weight?
2)   Do your homework.
a.     Research good ways to get to the goal you have chosen. Aka, google it.
3)   Learn your body.
a.     Learn what works for you.  If food is what makes the biggest difference (which is how it is for most people!!), change your diet FIRST, without sending it into starvation mode.  Little by little.  And be consistent!
b.     What are your limits?  Where do you max out?  How many times can you work out per week without damaging your body instead of making improvements?
c.      Does running bulk you up or slim you down?  For me, I do NOT run, because it makes my legs bigger instead of smaller.  Seeing as how they are where I need to lose the weight, I avoid running at all costs.  Instead, I do things such as Yoga and Pilates and an amazing class called Centergy.  These things keep my heart rate up and provide enough cardio while not requiring my muscles to bulk up to keep up.
d.     Weights vs. body weight.  Are you working out with weights? (i.e. lifting) or using your body weight as your main catalyst (i.e. push ups, sit ups, pull ups, balancing, stretching).  Find which one works better for you!  And remember, body weight work-outs are much better for toning.  Build then tone, but don't build too much.
4)    Make a schedule.  Print it out, and cross out your progress.  Completing lists releases endorphins. 
5)    Get an accountability partner.
a.     Do it with someone!  Makes it easier to get up in the morning.
6)   Try working out before the rest of the day starts.
a.     This will get it out of the way and give you energy for the other day’s activities! 

That's it and that's all, folks.  For today.
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