day 27 - ruby tuesday

[shoes: TJMaxx (Guess brand), skirt and belt: h&m, undershirts: who knows; cardigan: gap, headband: hand made in costa rica.]

Today I spent about 3 hours playing with a 3 year old and her (more than 3.. many more) water balloons.  Ruby has this enormous cooking pot that her mom so graciously filled to the brim with water and put out on Ruby's play table for her to distract herself with.
It works like a charm.
Sometimes too charming.  Hence the 3 hours with water balloons "swimming", "resting", and "keeping warm" in the big pot'o'water today.

Ruby and I went downtown for some Great Harvest and a lil' Carousel action.

On the way home, due to her INSISTENCY on taking allll the water balloons in the car down town with us (I allowed for ONE to come, by the way.  A red one.  Her fav.) she was holding her lil' balloon friend in her lap.  
One second everything is fine.

The next..... PIERCING screams from the backseat and immediate hyper-ventalation-like-crying followed those screams.  I was so confused...
Until I saw that her water balloon had popped IN her lap.

Now, this wouldn't seem so bad on its own.  But directly before the balloon popping she had mentioned she needed to go potty.  No, it's not what you're thinking... she did not pee her car seat.

When she had mentioned she had to urinate, I kept saying "Well we'll be home in a few, just hold it!  Try thinking about other things..." Which, I mean, she's 3.  What was I thinking.
She asked, "Would mommy be mad if the seat was all wet?"
"Absolutely." I replied.
"Would she be a bad guy?"
I make a pouty face and nod my head yes, feeling her would-be-pain.

I felt terrible when that balloon popped.  Not only did her precious red balloon (which, I found out from her parents she hadn't even popped a balloon yet due to her protectiveness of them.  She takes them to bed.) but now she thinks her mom is going to be a bad guy.


Just to enhance the story, probably, when we arrived home, BOTH of her parents were already home.
I walked her inside, holding her hand, and presented her parents with a soaking wet just-got-done-bawling-child.  Ugh.  I felt terrible.

Lucky for me, they laughed, got her changed, and told me about her balloon weirdness.  I felt better.

All in all, a wonderful day.  A bible study on the history of Israel (which I took more notes on than I do most classes I partake in at school...) hang time with Ruby (and a two hour nap. For her.  Score.)  Centergy with my best friend and awesome woman of God, Natalie Z! and then a great bible study with my ladies.  

And 3 days of the challenge to go!  Woot woot!

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