day 24.

Husband's photo skills.

[flips: AE.  jeans: zumiez.  belt: mom's.  top: christmas gift.  bag, toenail polish, watch, and earrings: nordstrom's. hat: ?]

A casual look, and warm for an evening down at the world beat festival! :)

My love.

DIY Burlap Lamps
Purchase lamp shades.

I saved the plastic wrap from the lamp and trace-cut-out the burlap so I'd know exactly how to curve it, etc.

Here are my two burlap cut-outs.

Matt exacto-knifed out our stencil that we printed from the Mighty Google world.

ALMOST done, but we need a hot glue gone to fold the tops and bottoms over the edges.  pretty easy!

Bee was spray painted on;
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