day 2 - natterday

[top: nordstrom's.  bracelet: courtesy of Pioneer Century bike ride.]

[belt: stolen from my mamma.  where she got it is a mystery.  capris: j.crew.  shoes: target]

[I bought this shirt about 6 years ago.  Still love it.]

These pictures don't do my Saturday ANY justice.  Here's what I really did for the first 5 hours of Natterday...


[2nd rest stop @ 42 miles]

[56 miles later! all finished]

[mi amor]

BONUS for Saturday's missed post......

My very own stuffed mushroom recipe!!!!

Medium mushrooms.  Shop off stem and remove any leftover stem from the middle.

Stuff with one small piece of fresh basil, one slice of onion, and cheese!  I chose mozzerella.

Sprinkle seasoned salt on all of them after spraying your pan with oil.

SAVE your stems.  Slice very thin.  Place in pot along with onions, some grated cheese, and coconut oil.  Melt/saute until cheese is melted and mushroom stems begin to brown.  Use as sauce when finished.

Mushrooms should be cooked in oven at 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes.  Serve hot!  

:) Enjoy!

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