day 1: the summer mantra.

The articles.
[two pairs of jeans, two pairs of pants, one pair shorts]

[9 tops]

[two skirts]

[two dresses]

[4 cardigans/coats]

[7 pairs of shoes]

[1 trusty belt]

Today's outfit.
[flippies: american eagle. pants: j.crew (summer sale happening now!) tank: j.crew.]

[bracelet: nordstrom's.  watch: nordstrom's.  long turtle necklace: nordstrom's.  short necklace: handmade by Kaitlyn Rasmussen.  earrings: nordstrom's.  head band: hand made in Costa Rica. bandeau: urban outfitters.]

Inspiration drawn from:
[nordstrom's ad via email. summer mantra: 'laid-back cool'.]

Day 1 drink-of-choice:  Honey and cream Americano
[honey is in bottom of espresso cup - combine with shot to melt]

[water and ice.  leave room for the espresso and cream!]


[too much cream.  live and learn.]

Any coffee ideas from you readers??

Tomorrow Matt, Matt' dad Artie and I are doing a 55 MILE BIKE RIDE.  Ahhhh.  So Day 2's outfit won't come until the evening, and, seeing as how the race starts at 7am in Canby... I'm not too sure I'll be up and making coffee.  Though I will definitely need it.  

Thanks for reading!

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