the 30 for 30 challenge.

Tomorrow I will begin Urban Nester Molly Kidd's 30 day challenge.

I believe it goes something like this....

Choose 30 items from your wardrobe (shoes, tops, pants/shorts/skirts, dresses, etc.) and limit yourself to wearing only those items for one month (30 days, hello June!)  I am starting a couple days late, but going through my closet has been a fun start.  I can't believe how many things I DON'T wear.  I sense a "seeling-trip" to Plato's Closet coming up soon.......

Thanks Molly for the awesome idea!

In the spirit of 30's..... I am going to attempt my OWN 30 day challenge.

I have a problem with excessive purchasing in two categories: coffee and clothing.  Any other chicks feel me?  My wonderful hubby allows me a certain amount every month juuuust to spend on these two things.  He is so gracious with his money, and I just keep eating it up and buying STUFF.  Gah.  So this month, as I will be doing the 30-day-challenge and not adding anything to my wardrobe, I am ALSO going to do a 30-day-tea-coffee challenge!  Here's how it works....

Every day I will post a picture and description of the kind of tea or coffee I made from home.  Some days I might even go coffee/tea free and upload a picture of a smoothie or breakfast parfait instead!  Not only is drinking tea from home instead of dirty chais from Governor's Cup less expensive, but it is also much lower in calories.  Hmmm.  Win win!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's 1st entry of the double 30 for 30 day challenge!!!
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