you can never have too many ___________

double A batteries.
backup rolls of toilet paper.
thumb tacks.
shower gels.
phone conversations with parents, siblings, and other loved ones to keep them in the loop.
cloves of garlic.
mac computer chargers.
rite aid brand flossers ('floss-ups'. they're green. but they're currently sold out because we stocked up.)
coconut flakes and pitted dates.
screw drivers.
walks to the park with your best friend.
hours spent in the sunshine.

matt and i try to keep an extra-super-stock of the things that you can never have too much of.  just one of life's everyday pleasures -- to always see garlic in my veggie drawer, chapstick in my car, and backup rolls of toilet paper in the closet.

today's lunch:  healthy and filling.  all finger-food.  nutella included.  could it get any better?

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