years, in terms of outfits.

I was thinking about my high school years today.  Each year I associate with a different "look" I had going, how much I weighed, or which boy I was dating.  One of my best friends confided the same thought process to me not long ago.

Is it a shame that I define my past self by THESE things instead of by things like "how was I serving? How was God moving in my heart?  What was I working on?  How much did I care about others?  Who was I looking out for or after?"

I challenge you to think back to prior years of your life - how do you remember them best?  Maybe we can make this year one we remember by how much we communicated with God, how we let Him take over our heart entirely, how we gave more money away than He even asks us to, how God allowed us to be the most sacrificial for our spouse that we had been yet, and/or how big we loved.

Just a thought..


sophmore in high school.

senior in high school.

freshman in college/year off.

actual freshman in college.  without dropping out this time.

sophmore in college.

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