I wanted to name my saturday posts something containing the ______ "erday" or "urday".  Clever right.  So,  the "naterday" title will do for now, though it surely will be changing.

As I read more and more blogs, i note that most have a theme.  I haven't known quite what to 'theme' about until recently.  It came dow to a question.  What am i passionate about?  Well, several things, I suppose.  God, numero uno.  And health!  Food, exercise, fitness, balanced living, etc.  So welcome officially to Shade of Grace, a blog about healthy living, fulfillment, recipes, work-out suggestions, and motivational tips.  Perhaps this will even keep me more accountable with my OWN health. :)

Several nights ago, I made this new dish....
A "garlicky white bean with dark greens" soup!

Thanks to one of the food blogs i've been stealing from; the nourishing gourmet.
It was decent.  Pretty bland.  The directions said use "plenty of salt" but even with plenty of it, the flavors were dull.  I will be trying my own version of this warm and healthy soup to post later on. 

This morning Nat and I (Zukowski.  Not 3rd person) ran a short little 5k at minto brown park in support of stopping child trafficking.  We had a great time, though I got running cramps, but we finished strong!  Special thanks to my wonderful husband for showing up early to catch the action.

Running buddies since i can remember.  

(Light running = great for toning if you don't want to bulk up with tons of muscle!  Keep it in "fat burning" zone, heart rate right around 60-70% of your maximum.).  

The rest of the weekend looks pretty busy as well.  Matt and I do our bible studies every saturday morning together, which we love.  Such a special time to get to know each other and God.  Church tonight, then we head over to Vancouver tonight to see the other Larsons (Radwyn.... Artie's out of town .... biking.... of course....) and tomorrow head to my parents' concert fundraiser for their mission trip to Kenya this summer!   Love spending time with our families.

Thanks for reading.
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