friday. or should I say SUNNYday.

So grateful for days like these.

-Awaken at 9am.
-Slowly roll out of bed for some honey nut chex cereal.
-Change into new H&M swimsuit that cost me a grand total of $8.90
-Lay out on BRAND NEW PATIO!!!! and read "The Shadow of the Wind" for a solid 2 hours.

-Return indoors halfway through reading sesh for an iced soy chai - of the Oregon variety.
-Fling all windows and doors open as wide as possible, listen to "She's Only Happen in the Sun", Ben Harper, "Ain't No Reason", Brett Dennen, "Strawberry Swing", Coldplay, and an assortment of other SunnyDay songs.
-Clean house for husband's arrival which is not too far off!!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!
-Photo shoot with my beautiful friend Rachel out on River Road in the sunshine.
-Surprise date/dinner night with Matt as it is our one year anniversary of meeting each other.  AWESOME.

Yesterday was equally beautiful.  Thanks to my best friend for making the voyage to Portland with me!

Now what should I make for lunch???? :)
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  1. "...Of the Oregon variety." lol love it!

  2. Oh I SO want to be outside (by myself) today! You lucky girl.