the dog of discontentment

How often I find myself wishing I lived in Portland, San Diego, or Costa Rica.  How often I find that immediately after buying new clothing I am looking for the next sale.  Too often I wish for this decorative item or that patio furniture, this make-up brand or that hair straightener.  Yeah yeah yeah, we all deal with it.  It's a daily ritual, almost, to dwell upon the "what-if's" and the "when I save up's"...  


Media is constantly pushing "DISCONTENT" into our faces, via billboards, commercials, magazine ADs, un-realistic Urban Outfitters models who advertise their unhealthily skinny bodies more than the shreds of clothing barely covering them (whoa cynicism), iPhone4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 I CAN HARDLY KEEP UP!, Acura 2012 is advertised starting in February of 2011, leaving the 2011 owners confused and discontent....

They're good at that.  That's what keeps our economy moving, I would say.  Discontentment with this leads to the purchasing of that.

Besides the material, content-ness can be a state-of-mind.  The Bible's teachings offer a 'learned' content, one that is practiced no matter where or what the situation.  If we learn to be content in every situation, true discontentment will come from the Lord.  What?  If we are always content, the Lord will show us when He wants us to be somewhere else by placing a strong feeling of "need-to-move-on-now" inside of us, allowing us to decipher between our own desires and the plans of our Heavenly Father.  

"TODAY I CHOOSE JOY".  A friend of mine shared that statement with me this morning, and I couldn't help but share.  How great is it that we can CHOOSE to be content vs. discontent, every single day?

So for now.  I am so content with the way things are.  Aren't you?  

summer dish.  so delicious.

Also, a great weekend in Vancouver BC with my hubby.

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